Check Out Our January/February 2024 Artist Sampler

February 5, 2024
Check Out Our January/February 2024 Artist Sampler

*Due to licensing restrictions, tracks 1 and 2 are not available for free download. However, all tracks are available to stream for free via our playlists on Apple Music and Spotify.


Brittany Howard

“What Now”

From the album What Now

Island Records

What Now is Brittany Howard’s second solo album. The artist with seven Grammy nominations and five Grammys explores psychedelia and dance music as well as dream-pop and avant-jazz. At turns galvanizing and cathartic, the result is a monumental step forward for one of the most essential artists of our time.

Editor’s Pick: MGMT

“Mother Nature”

From the Album Loss of Life

Mom + Pop

Formed in 2002, MGMT released their influential, Grammy-nominated debut album Oracular Spectacular in 2007, followed by Congratulations in 2010 and a self-titled project three years later. The duo’s most recent album is 2018’s Little Dark Age, and they will release their new album, Loss of Life, in Feb 2024.

Drew Dvorchak

“Someone Like You”



Colorado based blues rock singer, songwriter and guitarist Drew Dvorchak’s new single “Someone Like You” is a song about fresh starts and new relationships. While Dvorchak and his band have developed quite the diverse sound in the live setting, this track brings a totally new vibe to his song catalog.


“Bucket of Seeds”



Floratura fuses soaring jamband vibes with bouncy neo-soul to create a unique blend. Drawing from diverse influences, the Santa Cruz, Calif. band delivers electrifying live shows full of uplifting narratives and stirring vocal performances. Their upcoming album Oasis Glow LP release is slated for 2024!

Shady Oaks

“Drinkin’ You Away”


Mean World Records

Hailing from Denver, Shady Oaks, is a force to be reckoned with. Lead by guitarist and vocalist, Ty Gallaway, Shady Oaks blends styles of blues, country, psychedelia and familiar voices of warm folky grunge straight to the bottom of your whiskey glass.


“Gets Me So High”



Based out of Athens, Ga., rock band GrandVille showcases an entirety of inherited values from a background of generations of musical experience. The band has taken the Southeastern United States by storm in the past year in support of their self-titled debut album that was self-released on May 26, 2023.

Zan Zone

“Start Where You Stand”

From the album Start Where You Stand

RandomAxe Records

“New York band Zan Zone performs a deeply satisfying mix of classic rock, blues, folk-rock, a little funk and even engaging progressive-rock excursions. The group’s finely crafted sound is characterized by a trio of captivating vocalists, and great instrumentalists overall,” says

Jake Clayton

“As Fast as You Can”

From the album Signs

Frávik Ent. llc

Jake Clayton is a multi-instrumentalist that plays over 20 instruments and tours as a musician for country music celebrities. He also crafts his own unique blend of genre-bending country music. His new album Signs is something everyone can relate to with topics on life, death, love and adventure.

Marcus Rezak

“Funk It Right”

From the album Guitar Head

Warner Bros/ADA/Deko

Rezak’s third album finds the Chicago native collaborating with Grammy Award-winner Paul Nelson to produce his next body of work titled Guitar Head, a blues-oriented album that melds his prestige in the jam, improvisation and songwriting world with his Chicago roots that hail from the “Home of the Blues.”

The Pearl Divide

“Call Her When You Can”

From the album The Pearl Divide


The Pearl Divide is an independent rock band from Oxford, Miss. These four native Mississippians have created a sound inspired by their love for jambands and ‘90s rock, which is highlighted in their debut album. Members include Kelly McBride, Parker Daily, Mitchell Boulanger and Joseph Wells.

Steady Rotation

“Annalise (The Witch Song)”

From the album Music for the Thirsty Herd


Steady Rotation is the most exhilarating band known to modern man. Their skills are unmatched, and their sky has no limit. What does that mean? It means that if you love exceptionally excellent, ostentatious, gut-combusting rock-and-roll, then you need look no further. Steady Rotation is just too damn good.


“The Crown”



Fanfaire is a D.C.-based acoustic folk trio. The band showcases soaring three-part harmonies in songs steeped in American hope. “The Crown” is an anthem that insists we be ourselves, no matter how strange or sidelined the world makes us feel, and to always let our darkness shine. Their debut album is out in 2024.

Dark Moon Hollow

“Bar Sleep Blues”

From the album Final Notice


Dark Moon Hollow from Lexington, Ky., blends traditional bluegrass style and progressive ideas on “Bar Sleep Blues.” The album Final Notice is best described as energetic with a mature flair. Aspects of Americana, indie, prog rock and psychedelic influence keep the party going!

Highway Wolf

“In the City”

From the album Purdie’s Dream

Neanderthal Records

Welcome to the adventures of Highway Wolf… a unique musical project led by Mick Hellman and his creative partners, Tal and Amber Morris, who create a sonic experience through this collection of reimagined classics.

The Ram

“Me and My Uncle”


OD Soul, Inc.

The human voice needs little more than itself to evoke emotion, its magic. Any excuse to sing is pure gold. My songs give thanks to the profound gift of life, and those I love. This song is homage to one of my all-time favorite American bands, the Grateful Dead. I hope you enjoy yourselves.

Mat D

“Graveyard Honey”

From the album Jericho Gap

SMC Records

Known by his fans as the “Hemingway of the Highway” Midwestern troubadour Mat D has been fashioning his brand of “Hard Luck Americana” since 2006 with his gravel and grit-flavored vocals, dark soulful lyricism and a spirited country-blues-soaked rock-and-roll delivery that pulls no punches.





Chicago’s Wolfeather finds influence in the gritty common ground of Delta blues, grunge-rock, and ‘60s psychedelic-rock. With 40-plus years of combined musical experience, Erik Kisielewicz (drums) and Jason Fitzgibbons (handmade cigar box guitar and vocals) deliver an electrifying stage performance.


“Sold My Soul”



HWT is a five-piece band hailing from Metro Detroit. We combine reggae, rock, dub and more to create an original sound. We spread positive messages about life, love and social/political justice through our music. Come see HWT live—One Love! Influences: Sublime, Bob Marley, Grateful Dead


“Juxta’s Position”

From the album UnEarthed


Kirkos is a dystopian jamband from St. Louis, Mo. Their debut album, “UnEarthed,” released in 2023, conjures visions of a ghostly world forgotten to time. Powerful instrumentals result in a cerebral expedition through expansive soundscapes filled with haunting melodies and moody cinematic undertones.

Fiesta Melon

“Set the Mood”

From the EP Yacht Funk


Fiesta Melon is a funk-driven, high-energy, alt-rock band with a propensity for improv. Tapping a wide range of influences, Fiesta Melon creates catchy, honest songs via memorable hooks, lush harmonies and textured soundscapes.

The Marsupials

“Going to Ground”

From the album End Times Are Nigh


The Marsupials, a genre-blending band from Michigan led by Tai Jaxx Drury, are known for their eclectic mix of rock, indie, funk and more. Formed in 2014, they’re celebrated for electrifying performances and a dynamic, evolving lineup. A mainstay in Midwest festivals, they continue to push musical boundaries.

The Chops

“You Don’t Know Me”



The Chops have been making a name for themselves in New England. This Boston band mixes early-‘60s psychedelia with sounds of modern times. The band provides heavy improvisation with an array of original music for everyone. With high energy and a unique sound that breathes new life into the jamband sound!

Jam Dass

“Everything” (Radio Edit)

From the album Love, Jam, Remember


Jam Dass’ debut album, Love, Jam, Remember is a pioneering work in the Kirtan-Rock genre; an upbeat rock vibe with sacred kirtan mantras. With songwriter Michael Levin on guitars and vocals, the band includes Melissa Rose (vocals), Jeff Hamilton (keys), David Walker (bass) and Steve Fox (drums).

ReverbNation Winner: Kim Logan & the Silhouettes



Swamp Thing Records

Alternative music for alchemy in the fall of society. Fused from origins in the American South and rural New England, years of hard touring from the USA to Europe and life on the brink of a collective new age. Kim Logan’s collaborations include Vance Powell, Brett Orrison, Low Cut Connie, Rex Roulette and many more.

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