Here’s our March Digital Sampler

March 8, 2019
Here’s our March Digital Sampler

We’ve just posted our March digital sampler. Click here to download the tracks.

You can also enjoy a combined playlist of our CD and digital tracks via Spotify:

Taylor Scott Band
From the album All We Have
Taylor Scott Band transcends musical genres by joyously embracing a raft of them. Funk, soul, Americana, R&B and rock-and-roll all come together in this Denver-based band’s repertoire, and never more so than on their new release, All We Have, featuring Grammy-winning producer Steve Berlin.

Kelly Hafner
“Keep On Hangin On”
From the album If It’s Love
Smokey Jazz Records
Sultry smoke and white-hot fire escape the lips of Austin singer/songwriter Kelly Hafner on her debut release, If It’s Love. Seven and eight-piece ensembles make up the funky soul head-bobbers and Hafner’s show-stopping voice keeps listeners hooked from start to finish.

Pretty Archie
“Stay the Same”
From the album Hanging On
Curve Music
With the release of Hanging On, Pretty Archie showcase a genre-bending mix of folk, bluegrass, country, rock and vintage soul, all underpinned the band’s East Coast roots. Recorded in Sydney, Nova Scotia at Soundpark Studios and co-produced by Pretty Archie and Jamie Foulds, Hanging On was tracked with a very specific approach in mind. “We really wanted a sound that gave us more space to breathe versus our last record – where we put every instrument we know how to play on every song,” says Colin Gillis (harmonica/bass/vocals).

The Breakfast
“Reel Time”
From the album Phantasmagoria
HMG Recordings
Originally known as Psychedelic Breakfast, the band’s 2002 release Deuce earned them Relix Magazine’s “New Groove” award. After a long hiatus, The Breakfast returns with original Deuce producer Vic Steffens to deliver their third album Phantasmagoria, containing seven great songs with extended jams to revitalize the band for their 20th anniversary.

Rogue Theory Band
“Two 3rds”
From the album Two 3rds
White Horse Entertainment
Rogue Theory Band is a rock/funk/alternative band with a jam feel. As a collective of unique backgrounds and interests, they blend to express a common purpose. The band consists of a frontman that sings and plays electric violin (Yamaha) dancing around a solid funking, pocket rhythm section and complemented by strong (PRS) guitar rhythm and rock leads. Hailing from South Florida and Nashville, Rogue Theory keeps rising.

King Ropes
From the EP Green Wolverine
Big and Just Little
King Ropes are a sonically complex indie-rock band based in Bozeman, Mont. The quartet can be characterized by several genre markers, from psychedelic country to shoegaze garage rock. In their own words, “Imagine The Pixies meet Wilco, Tom Waits and Beck at Willie Nelson’s place.”

Major Moment
“May Leave Scars”
From the EP The Sequel
The members of Boston-based band Major Moment came from distant parts of the world to form a true modern alternative rock band. The band has quickly developed a diverse and kinetic sound that integrates heavy guitar riffs, multi-layered synths, and melodic vocal blends. They have already recorded four new follow-up singles and performed them at the 2019 winter NAMM Show.

Kevin Daniel
“Pour Me A Drink”
With a cathartic open-hearted expression of joy, “Pour Me A Drink” showcases Brooklyn-based Americana artist Kevin Daniel at his finest as he and his seven-piece band tackle the ephemeral world of love, loss and redemption with the full vigor of a potent malt liquor.

Shepard the Breeze
“Rewind the Night”
Shepard the Breeze are quickly establishing themselves as a band on the rise in 2019. Their self-titled debut album is diverse and showcases a rich songwriting depth—from the rootsy “Set Your Sights” to the classic psychedelic rock n’ rollers “Love Like a Woman” and “Girl.” They stand apart from their peers with their energetic live performances, lush vocal harmonies and raw guitar solos.

The City Limit
From the EP Dreaming in the Backroom
The City Limit is a New Jersey based blues-pop band formed by singer/guitarist Scott Lewis and bassist Anthony Ambrosio in 2017. The two quickly began putting together a catalog of songs that ultimately became their debut EP, Dreaming in the Backroom. Their current lineup includes drummer Sean Farrelly, and keyboardist Mike Casson. The City Limit cultivates a unique sound that incorporates musical flavors from a broad spectrum of influences including blues, pop, rock, R&B, funk, and folk music.