Check Out Our September 2022 Digital Artist Sampler

September 20, 2022
Check Out Our September 2022 Digital Artist Sampler

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Molly O’Leary

“I Wonder”

From the album Holding Space


Molly O’Leary is a folk rock singer-songwriter from New Bedford, Mass. Holding Space, their debut album, is out now. O’Leary uses songwriting as a form of activism to raise awareness about mental health and social justice. O’Leary has opened up for artists like Will Hoge, Geoff Rickly and more.

The Holdings

“Lock and Load”

From the EP Father and Song


​​The Holdings is a brand-new musical family project between father and son duo David Haynes Holding Sr., and Jr. Haynes Holding Senior is a talented guitarist/bassist that came out of the legendary late ‘70s early ‘80s Athens, Ga. music scene while the younger Holding founded the group The Last Relapse in early 2006 at the age of 16. Their first EP entitled Father and Son is set to be released July 4, 2022 on all the major streaming platforms.

Al Basile

“Through With Cool”

From the album Through with Cool

Sweetspot Records

Al Basile has just released his 19th classic blues and roots album. The project follows the veteran singer/songwriter as he slings 14 new songs with the help of guitar phenom Kid Andersen. Living Blues called Basile, “A songwriter with an uncanny ability to explore the depths of what makes relationships so mysterious, murky, and unpredictable.”

Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst


From the album Hey!


Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst is comprised of highly respected veterans of the Los Angeles Americana/roots scene including Steven Casper, Carl Byron, Dan Wistrom, Ales U’Ren and Jim Doyle. The band started in 2005 and has released three LPs, five EPs and a single. “Easy” comes off their latest album Hey!, which was released on May 6.

Nate Fredrick

“The Dreamer”

From the album Different Shade of Blue

Wanda Recordings

Nate Fredrick’s bluesy Americana style is the result of influences like Guy Clark, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Van Morrison– to name just a few luminaries. A high level of introspection is evident through his writing, unique sound and ease of delivery – which have captivated audiences far and wide.


“At the Sunshine Hotel”

From the album Sunshine Hotel


Neybas’ newest album Sunshine Hotel radiates an upbeat summer vacation vibe, evoking the sweet sounds of the late ‘60s/early ‘70s. The band covers a variety of genres – from Americana and trad rock to reggae and ska all dusted with New Orleans influences. You’ll find lots of earworms grooving on this offering.

​​Gordon Sterling and The People

“My Friend Rae (Radio Edit)”

From the album Truth


The Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth: Gordon Sterling and The People bring it to you with their brand new album Truth, which is full of original cuts that range from soulful, heartfelt gems to full-tilt, exploratory ragers. This group has something for everyone… for the People! The LP releases on Sept. 2.

The Other Hit

“I Don’t Live in Colorado (Anymore) (Radio Edit)”

From the album DIEGO


The Other Hit’s 2022 debut album DIEGO is drenched in the ever influential sounds of ‘70s rock radio — a time when pop songs, ballads, hyper-soul and no holds barred rock shared the same coveted spot on the dial. The Minneapolis-based musicians’ channel decades of reflection and reverberation from that transistor-radio era on DIEGO’s 10-tracks.


“Good Vibez”



Berblan is 16-year-old powerhouse from Dallas who has been playing the piano and ukulele as long as she can recall. The songwriter relishes live performance and has quickly evolved as she’s shared her craft live. Berblan’s goal is to spread positivity and show people that anything can be accomplished with hard work, and those intentions shine on her latest single “Good Vibez.”

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