Check Out Our March 2021 Digital Sampler

March 3, 2021
Check Out Our March 2021 Digital Sampler


Check out the CD & Digital Artist Samplers from our March 2021 Issue.

Hustle Souls

“Only Want Some Answers”

From the EP Daydream Motel


Hustle Souls blend dust-covered-vinyl soul nostalgia with modern sensibility. The 6-songs on “Daydream Motel” were produced by the platinum winning Eric Sarafin. They will wrap you in warmth and may even take you on a little vacation via your ear-drums to a run-down, roadside motel in your mind.

The Love Buzz


From The EP Here Comes The Scum


Hailing from Cork City, Ireland, Kieran, Aidan & Henry unleash their latest track, with themes of fear, lust, violence and general delinquency the song evokes memories of youth and treasured vagrancy. The Irish trio are paving a path to be one of Ireland’s most important musical exports of their generation.

The Kenny Brothers Band

“Black Eyed Susan”

From the album Friends, Lovers and Radios


Traveling and singing, deserts and dark woods, campfires and dancing women is the story the Kenny Brothers Band paint in their second record, Friends, Lovers and Radios. The band of brothers from New Hampshire create music rooted in blues, folk and unapologetic grooves they dub “Mountain-Rock.”

Melanie A. Davis


From the Album Dear Diary, Do You Hate Me?


Kentucky musician Melanie A. Davis blends jazz vocals and fingerstyle guitar to create a sound both old and new, poignant and powerful. Her latest release is a post-mortem for the anxiety-riddled brain, navigating chaotic emotions of her own and of the American zeitgeist with clarity, honesty and humor.

Dimitri von Büren

“About Your Fears”

From the Single


Multi-instrumentalist artist born in the Parisian tumult, Dimitri von Büren conceives his compositions as an invitation to dream. At the crossroads of indie rock, bedroom pop and soul, he explores sounds that are his own. His latest song “About Your Fears” has notably been shared by UK actor Robert Carlyle.

Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst

“Rattlesnake Road”

From the EP Endless Sky

Silent City

Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst is an Americana/Country/Blues influenced band based out of Los Angeles. Their music has been featured in several shows such as HBO’s True Blood. The band is made up of some of the most respected LA roots musicians.

Neon the Bishop

“Going the Distance”



Neon’s story is told through the 5-piece group whose eclectic roots converge in an electrifying indie blend of escalating vocals, giant guitars and sweltering synths for major arena-rock vibes. From their defining opus, “A Death Full of Life” to the playful, “Going the Distance,” NTB is a can’t miss!


“Sunday Is Driving”


Silica Records/KMG distribution

Kahnin is the artist name of Icelandic singer/songwriter Gudmundur Jens Gudmundsson.

“Sunday is Driving” is an ethereal pop song with a beautiful and very catchy chorus. The track takes you back to a late 80‘s sound blended with Kahnin´s amazing velvet vocals.

Jonny T-Bird & the MPs

“Can’t Pick It Up”

From the Album Common Cents


Milwaukee, Wisc. plus original blues equals Jonny T-Bird & the MPs. Nothing gets in this band’s way, not even the COVID-19 pandemic. During the year that many would like to forget, the band released their fourth album Common Cents, with the title track inspired by the crippling economy.

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