Check Out Our January/February 2023 Digital Artist Sampler

January 31, 2023
Check Out Our January/February 2023 Digital Artist Sampler

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Molly Healey


From the album Lotus


Molly Healey is a violinist, cellist, guitarist and singer-songwriter from Springfield, Mo. With the use of Ableton Live and a full band, she brings the orchestra to her eclectic and transcendental live rock show.


“Flow State”

From the album Everything Else Can Wait

Highest Frequency Records

“You know that it’s done right when sounds you seek turn to light…”

Roger Street Friedman

“Love Hope Trust”

From the album Love Hope Trust

The Playroom Records LLC

Roger Street Friedman is a critically acclaimed artist, and award-winning songwriter. He is a literate lyricist with an empathic perspective that reveals the magic in the mundane aspects of everyday living. His songs venture down the dirt roads of folk, country, vintage rock n’ roll, and blues

Angie LeMar

“What Am I Gonna Do?”

From the album Forever Yours


Angie LeMar is a New York City-based singer-songwriter who released her first album, Forever Yours, in July 2022. Having toured professionally with an a capella band, LeMar now fronts Fat Fast Bobby, while also pursuing her own solo projects. Her music can be heard at

Bevin Luna


From the EP Madison & Angelus


True to the garage band ethos, Bevin Luna writes with big, fuzzy guitars, overdriven vocals and bashing drums, but the garage has a heart and some depth behind its door. Born in Hawaii as a multiracial military brat, with Caribbean and Southern roots, Luna crosses cultures and genres.

Tommy Howell


From the album American Storyteller


The artist who gave life to one of film’s most legendary characters (“Ponyboy” from The Outsiders), Tommy “C. Thomas” Howell has created a sound that unites Texas thunder-heart with mountain-music soul. His debut album American Storyteller is out on Feb. 3.


“Sunshine Girl”

From the album Sunshine Hotel


What better way to shake off the winter blues than a song about a sunshine girl? This is the sixth track from Neybas’ Sunshine Hotel, which has been on the Relix/ Radio Chart for the last two months. Neybas (pronounced “nay-bahz”), are a trad rock-Americana-jamband from Connecticut.

Marques Morel

“Meditation on Manifest Destiny”

From the album Wind and Rain


My name is Marques Morel and I am a wandering folksinger, a steadfast woodcutter, a father, a dreamer, a weirdo poet, a curmudgeony carpenter, and a friend to all. I write songs and then I perform them to big crowds of as many as a dozen people at a time and sometimes I even record them for posterity.

Sanford Street

“Rollin’ Heavy”

From the album Sanford Street 


Sanford Street are a four-piece band based in West L.A., that mixes rock, funk and jazz influences with a driving and energetic beat to create a dynamic, unique and funky sound. The band actively plays throughout Southern California and recently recorded their debut album, Sanford Street.

The National Parks




The National Parks translate sensations into songs. The Provo, UT quartet—Brady Parks [vocals, guitar], Sydney Macfarlane [vocals, keys], Cam Brannelly [drums], and Megan Parks [violin]—breathe in inspiration from the world around them and exhale cinematic indie folk-pop powered by soaring harmonies.

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