Check Out Our January/February 2022 Digital Artist Sampler

January 26, 2022
Check Out Our January/February 2022 Digital Artist Sampler

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Red Vox

“There’s A Place”



Red Vox is a New York City based indie rock band. Visions, their fifth LP, leans more towards harder rock than previous albums, as exemplified by the first single “There’s A Place.”’

The Gashounds


From the EP All the Fears


Kennedy Greenrod moved to Detroit in 2014 and found three musical soulmates; Gary Chechak, Matt Harbison and Jim Faulkner. The group has distilled their own blend of punk, freakbeat and glam rock. After dropping a 7”, All the Tears (2020), the rockers return with a new EP,  All the Fears (2022).


“All The Things We’ve Never Done”

From the EP The Ice That Breaks

Nettwerk Records

Portair is an Australian-born, LA-based alt-singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, graphic designer and producer. The Ice That Breaks combines all his passions into one cohesive art form, resulting in an earthy electro-tinged folk-pop that explores themes of mortality through his personal story.

The Jess Novak Band


From The Album A Thousand Lives


Jess Novak takes no prisoners. This pop, rock, soul-pumped group from Syracuse, N.Y. brings passion to every performance. Having touched audiences across the country– from Burlington, Vt. to San Diego, Calif.– the sound gets tighter with each show. Their 2021 release, “Shade” is out now.

Matt Hopper and the Roman Candles


From The Album Outskirts Of My Mind 

Hatcher Pass Records

Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles fired up the Anchorage music scene in the early 2000s and continue to write and record melodic rock and roll that pays tribute to the songwriting greats. Their latest album Outskirts Of My Mind is prime Americana, with the standout track “Firecracker.”

The Burning Balloons

“Cemetery 145”

From The LP This Is Our Future

Philatelia/Sir Gregory Records

Ben Bachman has played with the Fuck Knights, Nightingales and High Tiny Hairs. Raul Romero got his start in The Flashback Five and played drums for Barcelonans Psiconautes. Together, they have released This Is Our Future (2021), an unapologetic focus on classic garage rock.


“Only Love”


Weapon Of Choice

GINGER bridges the gap between soul music and spiritual activism on her debut LP, Higher Frequency (spring 2022). She weaves conscious lyrics into a vintage sound, inviting listeners to take accountability for their planetary vibration. “Only Love” is a horn driven cry for oneness, love and healing.

Twilight Lounge

“Have You Seen The Roses When They Bloom?”



Twilight Lounge is multi-instrumentalist Noah Shaner’s solo project. He writes, records, produces and mixes all from his bedroom. His new single, “Have You Seen The Roses When They Bloom?” serves as a form of self-therapy as he explores themes from love and loss to mental illness and time.

David Heatley

“Life Our Own Way”


Dream Puppy Records

David Heatley is a musician, cartoonist, and animation director living in Queens, N.Y. He’s written and recorded songs with The Bischoff’s, Velvet Cactus Society and Angel Numbers. Life Our Own Way is Heatley’s debut solo record, produced by Louisiana-based engineer Mark Bingham.

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