Check Out Our April/May 2023 CD Artist Sampler

May 11, 2023
Check Out Our April/May 2023 CD Artist Sampler

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Dave Matthews Band

“Madman’s Eyes”

Walk Around the Moon


With a career spanning over 30 years, Dave Matthews Band is one of the most influential bands in rock history, selling 25 million tickets since its inception. DMB will release Walk Around the Moon—their 10th studio album and the follow-up to their chart-topping 2018 album, Come Tomorrow—on May 19.

The Gravel Project

“No More Fire”

From the album Many Miles Ahead


The Gravel Project is an all-star band of Boston music veterans whose music blends rock, world music and jazz with power and soul. Carrying the tradition of ‘70s blues and psychedelic-rock music, TGP embodies the spirit of Santana combined with the classic raw energy and moving songwriting of the Allman Brothers Band.

Parade of Bad Guys

“Sympathy Cards”



Parade of Bad Guys plays a mix of rock-and-roll and alt-country. Often compared to bands like Drive-By Truckers and Lucero, Parade of Bad Guys’ songs range from acoustic sing-alongs to loud and rowdy rock.


“Makeshift Grave”


Ivy RecRods

It’s about a year since ROWSIE started playing their mix of alt-rock with a roots edge. Writing songs about politics and relationships with imagery-rich storytelling and pure untethered energy. In the U.K. and Mexico, they’ve been performing with a jaw-dropping sonic assault that’s become their signature.

The Pinx

“You’re Not the One”

From the album The Pinx


The Pinx revel in rock-and-roll — the unashamed guitar-wielding species that clawed out from the primordial blues — always hungry, always evolving, and aware of but unencumbered by its origins. RIYL The MC5, QOTSA, Led Zeppelin, Cheap Trick.


“Northern Winds”



KR-3 has spent more than a decade carefully crafting albums in the foothills of West Virginia. This hermit troupe of genre-busting musicologists fuses alt-country, folk-rock, indie-rock and new wave into their own Americana gumbo. KR-3 is currently adding the final touches to a new album due in the spring of 2023.

Jake Hunsinger & The Rock Bottom Band


From the album Wrapped Around the Axle

Hobo Castle

Jake Hunsinger & The Rock Bottom Band are a country act where the traditional meets the experimental. Rollicking musical arrangements, dynamic jazz-inspired grooves and tight hillbilly harmonies elevate frontman Hunsinger’s powerful, soulful voice and inspired songwriting to exciting heights.

Free Range Buddhas

“Hunger Pains”

From the album Ritual


Free Range Buddhas is a spirited blend of alt-folk, classic psychedelia, and good ol’ American rock-and-roll. Their songs are drenched in mysticism, raw emotion and soulful vulnerability. Their lyrics are clever and catchy, their grooves make you boogie and the guitars ask you to leave your body behind!

Ring Finger No Pinky

“Get Out”

From the album Edibles and Pneumonia


Music is meant to make you move and feel its energy. Indie-rockers Ring Finger No Pinky provide sound that punches you in the face with how they feel and challenges our society with smart angry riffs and lyrics. Ring Finger No Pinky is relatively new to the scene; their passion and energy is infectious.

Beast Eagle

“Open Sky”

From the EP Beast Eagle

Ironhead Records

Midwest heavy rockers Austin L’Ecuyer, August Sievering, Nick Olmsted and Kate Prokop are behind the up-and-coming band, Beast Eagle. With a thunderous blend of gritty and riffy guitar lines, a beefy and driving rhythm section and soaring vocals to top it off, this band’s groove is intoxicating.

Andrew Wakefield

“Broke and a Joke”

From the album Bluegrassish

Mystic Mountain

Catchy songwriting, blistering guitar solos and a jam-around-the-campfire feel make Andrew Wakefield’s newest offering, Bluegrassish, an instant classic. This 11-track LP is sure to resonate with bluegrass fans, while an unmistakable “ish” welcomes crossover listening appeal.

Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers

“In It Together”

From the album How Many Roads?


Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers emerged from NYC’s underground with their 8th original album How Many Roads? Mixing poetry, music and attitude, they fearlessly weave genres together with a soulful gritty thread of blues. Frontwoman Lex Grey and the band deliver an unforgettable live performance. Hot!

Square Pyramid


From the album Square Pyramid


Square Pyramid is an original rock band featuring Eric Austin (drums), Joe Riccio (bass and vocals) and John Alexander (guitar and vocals). Our music defies classification and embodies wide influence and world impact. Our debut, self-titled record is now available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Editor’s Pick: Temples

“Oval Stones”


ATO Records

Produced by Sean Ono Lennon, Temples’ fourth full-length album Exotico takes place in an impossibly utopic island dreamed up by the band. With its resplendent collage of psychedelia, krautrock and time-bending dream-pop, Exotico brings that world to life in crystalline detail.

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