Check out our April/May 2021 CD Sampler

April 19, 2021
Check out our April/May 2021 CD Sampler


“United Nations Stomp

From the album Where Do We Go From Here

Mascot-Provogue BV

Over its past 17 years, Dumpstaphunk has earned a reputation as the most well-regarded, next-generation New Orleans live powerhouse. The founding members have built upon their family’s iconic NOLA legacy as they’ve transformed Dumpstaphunk into the city’s preeminent 21st-century funk-fusion export.

Nik Greeley & The Operators

“Can’t Explain”



Nik Greeley is known for being arguably the best frontman and performer in Philadelphia, and his band The Operators has been described as “the new-school Philadelphia soul-sound.” The Operators feature many of Philly’s best musicians, including members of Out of the Beardspace, Muscle Tough and Gnarbot.

Tomás Doncker & The True Groove All-Stars

“People Have the Power”


True Groove Records

Tomás Doncker & The True Groove All-Stars put the Global Soul spin on Patti Smith’s iconic anthem “People Have the Power.” Channeling their inner Sly Stone, the song is a soulful rallying cry, with a powerful groove that would have been as forward-thinking in the late ‘60s or early ‘70s as it is today.

Scott McKeon

“Third Eye Witness (feat. Gavin Conder)”

From the album New Morning

Idaho Records

Scott McKeon has given a lifetime of dedication to his craft as a guitarist, playing with the likes of Sir Tom Jones, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Derek Trucks & Doyle Bramhall II. Scott’s new album New Morning is an earthy, raw, guitar-lead record, showcasing his range and ability as a guitarist.

Hot Jam Factory

“Back Here Again”



Hot Jam Factory creates a sonically cinematic and emotionally captivating experience on their forthcoming album Late Night Social. A prom-rock album — beautifully original, while building upon such taste makers as Tears for Fears, The Pixies and New Order. The album sows themes of loss and acceptance.

Sam Huber & The True Groove All-Stars

“I’d Rather Be”


True Groove Records

“I’d Rather Be” is a blast of Finnish funk from Sam Huber & The True Groove All-Stars, with a Detroit infusion via special guest Amp Fiddler (ex-P-Funk). This song is proof the land of the northern lights radiates a warm, funky glow strong enough to melt any arctic chill.

Roland Roberts

“Picture on the Wall”

From the album All About the Timing

Happy Life Records

Hailed by Record World Magazine for having “Created a Gold Rush All His Own” in his debut LP All About the Timing, Alaska-based singer-songwriter Roland Roberts puts his own take on the sounds of a bygone era with his blues-folk anthem “Picture on the Wall.”

Shulman Smith

“Way Out West”



Drinking a strange brew of old-time country, psychedelic-rock and bluegrass, Shulman Smith tells stories that dive through the looking glass of history, biography and fantasy. Variously an instrument-builder, painter, photographer, programmer… Smith will release his debut, Way Out West, in 2021.

Tokyo Tramps

“Flowing Water”

From the album If I Die Tomorrow


Satoru Nakagawa and Yukiko Fujii moved to the U.S. from Japan to pursue music, and met by chance in Boston, taking cues from their musical heroes, and creating unique and exciting blues/rock with a Hendrix-inspired guitar sound and a New Orleans funk groove. They have released eight original albums in their 20-year musical career.

Leonie Prater

“Route 74”

From the album Metamorphosis


Leonie Prater is a 25 year old singer-songwriter based in Marshwood, Dorset (U.K.). In 2020, Leonie released three singles from her upcoming album Metamorphosis. Her album will be released on March 12, 2021, both digitally and on vinyl. Leonie puts herself into the following genre: singer-songwriter/indie-folk.

M.L.B. & CO.




M.L.B. & CO. is out of Pensacola, Fla. Matt and the guys have collaborated for years together in a number of different projects. When the time came for a solo release, there were no other musicians Matt could think of jamming with.

Editor’s Pick: Vampire Weekend & Goose

“2021 (January 5th, to Be Exact)”

From the EP 40:42


When Vampire Weekend commissioned Goose to craft a reinterpretation of their song, “2021,” Goose were given one directive: Make their version 20 minutes and 21 seconds in length (as opposed to the short and sweet 1:39 original on the band’s Grammy-winning album, Father of the Bride). Goose’s version is: “2021 (January 5th, to Be Exact).”

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