Old Crow Medicine Show: Remedy

Michael Verity on June 27, 2014

Like lemon goes with meringue, nothing goes with harps and fiddles quite like a prison song, especially when it’s about sex and blackmail. So goes “Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer,” the first of 13 musical remedies prescribed by the good doctors of Old Crow Medicine Show. If sex in a barb-wired trailer doesn’t cure your ailment, try “8 Dogs 8 Banjos” (with a corn whiskey chaser) or some time waltzing with “Sweet Amarillo.” Or “try to love your brother, if you please,” another remedy offered for a “Mean Enough World.” Friends are set free (“Dearly Departed Friend”) and addiction is portrayed with heartbreaking kindness (“Firewater”). Doc Watson gets his due (“Doc’s Day”) and tales are told of adventures on the road (“Tennessee Bound”). From the joy of sex to the truth of death, Remedy speaks of the thrills and perils of human existence in stories told with wit, wisdom and a wealth of good humor.

Artist: Old Crow Medicine Show
Album: Remedy
Label: ATO