Ka Baird: Sapropelic Pycnic

Richard Gehr on February 12, 2018

The 53 short musical cells that comprise In C are often reminiscent of bird songs, and his influence looms large in Ka Baird’s Sapropelic Pycnic. “Sapropelic” means living in muddy putrefaction, and the former Spires That in the Sunset Rise member gets transcendentally funky with her flute, synthesizers and extended vocal techniques. Bird songs predominate in “Migration” and its soulful extension, “Transmigration.” She explores the bardo in “Ka” (the Egyptian word for a part of the soul), an unintentional tribal tribute to hocketing Burundi singers. Her prior album (as Sapropelic Pycnic) paid tribute to John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, and the divine Alice C.’s spirit is strong here, too.

Artist: Ka Baird
Album: Sapropelic Pycnic
Label: Drag City