Hayley Jane and The Primates: We’re Here Now

Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta on December 6, 2017

“Go ahead, call me a hurricane,” Hayley Jane sneers midway through We’re Here Now. It’s a fitting line for the lead singer and namesake of Hayley Jane and The Primates, who has gradually made a name for herself as a force of nature on the jam scene. We’re Here Now is the quintet’s second full-length LP, and while the record showcases Jane’s signature moxie and powerful pipes, it also highlights her bandmates’ often-overlooked musical aptitude. Thanks to producer/Turkuaz mainstay Craig Brodhead, We’re Here Now asserts that The Primates are much more than a backing band—simply hear Justin Hancock’s guitar solo on album opener “More Interesting” or how the rhythm section keep things rocking on funk-dance number “You Gotta Move.” Simply put, Hayley Jane and The Primates ooze enthusiasm. You can hear it in Jane’s tongue-twisting lyrics on “Cosmic Katrina,” in her all-or-nothing vocals on “Madeline” and in her genuine laughter on “Mama.” Despite We’re Here Now running a little long, one of the album’s strongest tracks is saved for last. “Creatures” starts sentimental but then transitions into a jam power-ballad with Jane, Hancock, bassist Josh Carter and second guitarist Greg Smith joining together to revel in their life as a “lucky bunch of creatures who can run around and dance if we want.” After a decade of playing stages of all sizes, The Primates are entering a new era with We’re Here Now.

Artist: Hayley Jane and The Primates
Album: We’re Here Now
Label: Self-Released