Field Music: Open Here

Emily Zemler on March 13, 2018

Field Music builds a very specific mood on Open Here, their sixth album. The songs, which follow up on 2016’s Commontime, are distinctly blithe, with an almost cinematic atmosphere rising around them. There are hushed, darkened moments like “Front of House,” which glowers pensively, and there are also more heightened instances of carefree rock-and-roll. That latter tone appears in “Share a Pillow,” a boisterous rocker driven by rollicking electric guitars, as well as “Checking on a Message,” a funky tune with a live sensibility. “No King No Princess” is imbued with a lively sense of fun, while “Daylight Savings” employs horns and strings to create that aforementioned cinematic glow. The U.K. duo, Peter and David Brewis, brought in a lot of musicians to augment their songwriting, an effect that really works, especially when the strings come in. There’s a bit of a ‘70s feel, which was apparently purposeful but, ultimately, Open Here fits resolutely into Field Music’s extensive catalog, thanks to its deft combination of experimental-rock melodies and pop hooks. The most evocative track is the last one, “Find a Way to Keep Me.” It’s a song that lands on the more pensive side of the tonal spectrum and, listening to it, it’s easy to see how the duo has lasted so long, despite previous hiatuses or breaks. You’ll leave this album feeling slightly more joyful and slightly less worried.

Artist: Field Music
Album: Open Here