Charles Bradley: Victim Of Love

Joshua M. Miller on April 3, 2013


After the unexpected success of his debut, it may have appeared as a tall order for Charles Bradley to make a worthy follow-up. However, Victim Of Love finds Bradley and his backing band more than capable, pulling emotion with commanding authority. The song arrangements are a little more ambitious this time around as Victim Of Love features mostly guitar, allowing Bradley’s voice to fully carry the song and wash over you like a tidal wave. Many songs revolve around love found and love lost like the album’s single “Strictly Reserved for You” and “Crying in The Chapel.” “Confusion” is like the long-lost brother or relative of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” Bradley’s fighting for a better world and for love, even if it’s through a physical or metaphorical “Hurricane.”

Artist: Charles Bradley
Album: Victim Of Love