Adrien Reju: Strange Love & The Secret Language

Kiley Stevens on February 11, 2016

On Adrien Reju’s latest, Strange Love & The Secret Language, her rich vocals guide the listener through an ambient mix of both original compositions and a slew of covers that range from David Bowie to Prince, John Cale and Elliot Smith. Though the arrangements are beautiful, her sweet voice seems to cut right through to the soul. Delivering nearperfect harmonies, both alone (“You Know More Than I Know”) and with featured artists such as A.C. Newman (“Hemophiliac Of Love”), Reju provides an eloquent and conceptual collection of songs. Her influences shine through the music, with nods to the drumming on Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, and a concept similar to Feist’s Let It Die, as Reju has mentioned in interviews. On one of the covers on the album, “Waltz #1,” Reju and Marco Benevento deliver a heartier, more cymbal-heavy version of the Elliott Smith song. In addition, the piano takes more of a prominent role than on the original, giving it a more contemporary feel. Perhaps the highlight of the album, “Solo Mission” gives the listener a nostalgic feeling and a longing for their hometown. This album is just a small peek into Reju’s soulful repertoire but it comes highly recommended.

Artist: Adrien Reju
Album: Strange Love & The Secret Language
Label: ZIP