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Bruce Hornsby & James Mercer

“My Resolve”

From the album Non-Secure Connection

Zappo Productions/Thirty Tigers

Non-Secure Connection is the sequel to last year’s critically acclaimed album Absolute Zero and features collaborations with singer James Mercer of The Shins and Broken Bells, singer and poet Jamila Woods, Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid, Bon Iver leader Justin Vernon and the late Leon Russell.

Bastards of Soul

“If These Walls Could Talk”


Eastwood Music Group

Bastards of Soul stormed thunderously on to the DFW scene in the spring of 2016 and created a substantial buzz with their dynamic live set and tight musical chops. Led by the raw soul power of charismatic frontman Chadwick Murray, the veteran Bastards crew put East Dallas Soul on the map as they evolved.

Derek Frank


From the album Eleven Years Later


Bass player Derek Frank (currently a member of Gwen Stefani’s and Shania Twain’s bands) releases Eleven Years Later, his first solo album in over a decade. The album is an exploration in instrumental groove music, featuring some of his favorite musicians, including guitarist Joe Bonamassa.

Brothers of Brass

“Black Lives Matter”

From the EP I Can’t Breathe


What started on the streets of Atlanta in 2014 has now become “arguably the most popular street music in Denver,” according to Westword magazine. Brothers of Brass is a Denver-based horn and drum outfit specializing in hard-hitting street music where Southern brass tradition meets the Denver streets!

Strung Like a Horse

“F*ck What They Think”

From the album WHOA!

Transoceanic Records

Chattanooga-based cult favorite, Strung Like a Horse, is known for their signature brand of Americana—distilled from high-energy, old-school storytelling and alt-rock edge. The popular touring band’s debut studio album, WHOA! was recently produced by multiple Grammy-winner Matt Ross-Spang in Nashville.

Misty Blues

“No More to Give”

From the album Weed ‘Em & Reap


2019 International Blues Challenge finalist, Misty Blues, is a female-led blues band in Berkshire County, Mass., playing original and traditional blues with hints of jazz, soul, funk and tent revival gospel since 1999.

Great Peacock

“Old Man”

From the album Forever Worse Better

Baldwin County Public Records/Soundly Music

Forever Worse Better is a soundtrack for those of us who, like them, are on the road to somewhere better, with the windows down, the radio cranked high and songs moving through our head at highway speed.

Jeremy Parsons




Born in San Antonio, Texas, Jeremy Parsons grew up soaking in the sounds of Texas music in the dancehalls of the Lone Star State. Over the past decade, Jeremy has played all over the U.S. and in Europe.

Russ Tolman




Head honcho of two guitar psych rodeo True West in the paisley underground ‘80s, Russ has since released eight solo albums that plow his unique row across the Americana landscape. His 2019 album Goodbye El Dorado is his love letter/goodbye note to his adopted city of LA. His latest single is “Life.”





Concept-based grunge alternative metal — How do we affect our personal peace? How does the way we act and function flavor our lives? These are the types of questions we are looking for the answers to. Come along on this journey to enlightenment and maybe we can find out the answers to life’s mysteries.

Dustin Arbuckle & The Damnations

“Say My Name”

From the album My Getaway


Dustin Arbuckle & The Damnations are not a band you can easily associate with one specific genre, and that’s how they planned it. The Kansas-based quartet’s new album, My Getaway, seamlessly runs the gamut between electric blues, Americana, soul, folk and vintage rock.

Izzie’s Caravan

“Whiskey Alley Blues”



Izzie’s Caravan is an international chart-topping, blues-rock outfit from parts around the globe. Recently in the top 25 of the Relix/ Radio Chart, Izzie’s Caravan is about to release 10 singles over the next 10 months.

Editor’s Pick: Dawes

“Free as We Wanna Be”


Rounder Records

From the first downbeat, Good Luck With Whatever sets a tone all its own. Far from apathetic, this album is Dawes at their most unapologetic. It’s sympathetic and magnetic, 50% genetic and highly kinetic. Drop the tone arm down, turn the volume up, unplug the phone and if you feel nothing… call a doctor.

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Kip Macklejar

“Alligator Swamp Monster”



A DIY inspired bedroom blues-rocker, Kip Macklejar adds a nostalgic punch of garage rock with an entertaining and satirical lyrical style. Produced and performed entirely by Kip out of a bedroom studio in Copenhagen, the track quickly gained Spotify playlist attention. Stay tuned for the upcoming lyric video.

Colin Lake

“Last Days of the Dark Age”

From the Album Forces of Nature

Splice Records

After a 2.5 year hiatus spent sailing the western Caribbean, Colin Lake returns with the new album Forces of Nature—a record as timely as it is timeless.

Lisa Mann

“Old Girl”

From the EP Old Girl

Self released

Two-time Blues Music Award winner Lisa Mann lives in blues-soaked Portland, Ore. Originally from West Virginia, her voice effortlessly straddles the line between the honey-sweet warmth of the South and the force-of-nature sound she’s cultivated by mastering everything from hard rock to blues & soul.

Brit Drozda




Marking her transition from poetic Americana to poignant electro-organic pop, Brit Drozda’s Seashells & Stories EP (Out Oct. 9) mulls the connections that stretch & strain between us with singular melodicism & rare lyrical lucidity. The 6-song collection is produced by Scott Jacoby (Coldplay, Vampire Weekend).

Mike Thomas

“Sure Feels Right”

From the album Three Reasons


Nashville based songwriter, Mike Thomas, released his first studio LP, “Three Reasons,” in June 2020. Drawing from a wide range of influences, Thomas’ raw vocals couple with his carefully crafted, yet accessible lyrics giving his songs a nostalgic feel that listeners can’t help but connect with.

Him + Her Worship

“Never Change”

From the Album Even in the Dark


Based out of Minneapolis, husband and wife Seth and Jenna Herlich now live on the road full-time, towing their 13 foot camper around the country. With a passion for adventure and a calling to create, the duo leads narrative-driven worship nights to audiences in dozens of US cities.

Nate Newburn

Can’t Be Swayed (No More)



Nate Newburn issues a powerful indictment against injustice on his debut album. Melding African rhythms, aggro acoustic guitars and subversive poetry, Lazarburn spits out a damning indictment of our troubled world while celebrating the beauty of nature and the goodness of the human spirit.

BBSitters Club

“Carl Blues”

From the album BBsitters Club & Party

Hausu Mountain

Chicago-based quartet BBsitters Club blur the line between tongue-in-cheek rock parody, improvised jams, and tightly sculpted prog. Their debut album BBsitters Club & Party locks you in the basement practice space and asks you to hallucinate a “new classic rock” by huffing the ashes of the old.


“Summer of George”

From the EP Spring 3-3-3


Summer of George is a slice of sophisticated pop from this eclectic Minneapolis trio. Written and recorded remotely at the beginning of COVID lockdown and released 3 weeks before the tragic murder of George Floyd, this wistful tune of lost connections became a soundtrack for the summer that was/wasn’t.

T-Rex Marathon

“Futures and Goodbyes”

From the album Days Without Incident


T-Rex Marathon are a post-hardcore/Alt-rock band out of Ottawa, Ontario. They’re five dudes whose mission is to have a lot of fun and make some good music to help us all escape the demons. If you like fun, melodic, and energetic music then yous have to check them out and see what’s happening!

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