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From the album Dripfield

No Coincidence Records

Owing much of their success to an expanding fanbase, steady creative output and a collective commitment to improvement, Goose has flourished over the last three years, emerging as a premier musical act nationwide. Dripfield is the third studio offering from the Connecticut rock group.

Lyn Avenue


From the EP Sophisticated


Driven by rich vocals, electrifying leads and boot-stomping rhythms, husband and wife duo, Lyn Avenue, bring you catchy, compelling stories with genuine Southern charm. There is always a story to be told with Lyn Avenue and you can guarantee that you’ll be wanting to sing along.

Pickin’ Pear


From the EP Something New


Tia Martini and Leon Elam met in Colorado in 2014. They combine their non-traditional stylings to their traditional instruments and create an original mix of modern American music. Together, Pickin’ Pear take the banjo and ukulele down the road of folk, rock and bluegrass.

Eileen Carey

“Dreaming With Me”



Eileen Carey is releasing her newest single, “Dreaming With Me.” In Carey’s words, the song is about how the magic of inspiration starts with one person. “Dreaming With Me” brings out a sense of inspiration, inciting the feeling that a positive impact can happen with just one person.

JJ Slater




JJ Slater is a born and bred New Englander, and so naturally has a sound for every season. Songs evoke blankets of wintry whispering just as much as pulsing, hypnotic summer grooves, at times overlapping to create textures that seem stuck out of space and time.

Tyler Allgood

“Light the Room to the Brim”



Tyler Allgood is a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Bennington, N.H. Through the Empty (released in 2021 and nominated for album of the year by New England Music Awards) is an hour-long, full band composition showcasing Allgood’s study of the guitar, singing, bass and piano.

Wired for Sound

“Here I Am”

From the EP Choke


Wired for Sound is a female-fronted grunge/punk-rock band from Southern New Hampshire. Their music brings a touch of the ‘90s back with a new sound. With strong vocals, bangin’ bass lines, a touch of double-bass drumming and grungy guitar, they put out melodic rockin’ songs.

The Back Roads

“Deep Within”

From the EP Deep Within


The new Deep Within EP is a sonic roller-coaster ride through a sad and beautiful modern world. Title track “Deep Within” is a sitar and mellotron-driven magical mystery tour of inner space, with blazing guitars, feedback freakouts and art rock sensibilities. The revolution is not outside; it is within.

Kevin Mahoney

“Wish You Well”



Kevin Mahoney is a powerful singer-songwriter gifted with the rare ability to speak to the soul with his expressive and poignant lyrics. He has created his own style and reputation as a mesmerizing live performer and stands in his own light. A unique talent driven by passion, social awareness and love.


“Be Me”



Berblan is a 16-year-old powerhouse from Dallas, who has played piano and violin since a very young age. Recently, she has been working on her singing voice and ukulele playing. Berblan’s goal is to spread positivity and show people that anything can be accomplished with hard work.

Lurid Purple Flowers

“On Your Own”

From the EP Mania


From the trenches of the Boston underground, Lurid Purple Flowers combine their hard-rock, psychedelic and funk influences to incredible effect on their debut EP, Mania. Their writing is gritty and dark, but with hopeful notes that resonate throughout the entire project.

Clutch Cargo

“A Million Miles”

From the EP The Horizon Event


We are Clutch Cargo, a multi-genre influenced band from Tyler, Texas. We deliver high-energy, entertaining live music. We love traveling and sharing our passion for music with new listeners! To find out more about the band and members go to

ReverbNation Winner: Halem Albright

“You’re Upsetting Me, Too”

From the album Don’t Listen to Me


With their fourth album in the works and having shared bills with jam greats like The Disco Biscuits, Leftover Salmon and Col. Bruce Hampton, Atlanta staples The Halem Albright Band bring their funky/psychedelic sound and strong songwriting to the Southeast and beyond.

Editor’s Pick: Scott Metzger

“Asking for a Friend”

From the album Too Close to Reason

Royal Potato Family

Scott Metzger is a member of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, while his collaborations range from Phil Lesh to John Scofield. His album, Too Close to Reason, includes 12 acoustic guitar recordings that are ambient and bucolic, both the perfect soundtrack for morning sunrises and engaged guitar connoisseurs.

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The Voxies Band

“Heaven Is Hell”



At the height of COVID-19 in early 2021 The Voxies Band cultivated their own unique and original sound by creating forward thinking funky rock-and-roll that is set to stand the test of time. This may be unique to your senses as this group serves up a blend not often heard in the world of original music.

Meredith Lane

“Commissioned Love Songs”

From the album Commissioned Love Songs


Meredith Lane is an Americana artist from the town of Enterprise, Ore. She is known for her genre jumping tunes, soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. Sheryl Crow, Amy Winehouse and Cake are some of her greatest influences. The 20-year-old is excited to enter into a full-time musical career.

No Lemon

“I Don’t Care”

From the album No Lemon


No Lemon are a mildly psychedelic, four-piece funk/rock band based out of Burlington, Vt. Their debut (self-titled) album, No Lemon, just released and they are excited to share it with the world. The release explores themes of social anxiety, communication, confusion and workplace drama through musical story telling.

Wreckless Strangers

“Sun State”


Neanderthal Records

Wreckless Strangers is a collective of six seasoned Bay Area musicians known for their collaborative songwriting and high-energy live shows. They perform an infectious blend of music they call California Americana Soul.

The Sublets

“The Fallout”


Jestertainment Records

The Sublets are the band to restore your faith in the power of pop-punk. Formed in 2018 by guitarist, songwriter and vocalist George Chase, the trio boast a gritty alternative sound anchored in urgent, infectious melodies and the steady prowess of veterans Daniel Lee on bass and Stephen Nicholson on drums.

Chayla Hope

“Love in Lo-Fi”


Jestertainment Records

Chayla Hope is pop’s next great voice. She honed her sophisticated approach to the sounds of the ‘80s and ‘90s while pressing vinyl at Gotta Groove Records and performing in drag at Bounce Nightclub. Her impressive range and infectious spirit are also the soundtrack to the theme song of Care Bears: Unlock the Magic.

Pet Moose Project

“Gotta Get Back”

From the album Goat Tracks


​​Pet Moose Project is a Richmond, Va. based five-piece ensemble pursuing a southern rock/alt-country sound with a bit of jamband influence in the mix. The band’s first album, Goat Tracks (2021) and sophomore album Out West (2022) are currently available on most major streaming platforms.

Clare Maloney & The Great Adventure

“Legend Lives On”



Clare Maloney’s soaring vocals have landed her on stage at New York’s Carnegie Hall and on tour with members of the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Starship. After years of writer’s block, the New York-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist found her voice again on this stunning debut single.

Wood Willow

“So Much Runnin’”

From the album Southern Intentions


Wood Willow is an Oklahoma City-based Americana/folk-trio that can best be described as if Gillian Welch and The White Stripes had a baby. Armed with a repertoire of harmony, filled traditional and original music, Wood Willow brings old time sounds into the present.

Jefferson Bergey

“Another Balloon”

From The EP Another Balloon


Oakland, Calif.’s Jefferson Bergey live-loops his quirky pop and twisted folk songs with a penchant for improvisation and ridiculousness. He is a resident songwriter for Bawdy Storytelling!, fronts Allman Brothers Band tribute Freestone Peaches and is the namesake of the Bergey Burger (Best of the Bay 2020/21).

Jonny T-Bird & the MPs

“No Guarantee”

From the album Play Time


Wisconsin-native ​​Jon “Jonny T-Bird” Neuberger and his band the MPs are back and ready to entertain on their new album, Play Time. The LP features 10 original songs, including “No Guarantee,” written by Jonny and Jenny Abbott Goddell.

Solar Circuit


From the album Pulling at the Source


​​Solar Circuit, the Philadelphia born jamtronic-trance-fusion quartet creates a unique blend of instrumentation, vocals and electronica on their second studio album, Pulling at the Source. Needless to say, with live soundboards and a collection of national tour dates, this group is making sonic waves.


“Pigeon Man”



Hypnopompia is an Ohio-based indie rock outfit that fuses chill, jazzy instrumentals and introspective lyrics with a somewhat progressive sensibility. Their debut album, Parallel was independently released in July 2021. “Pigeon Man,” a jazzy and funky instrumental serves as the band’s latest release.

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