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From the album Spiral

Matador Records

Darkside is an American rock band formed in Providence, R.I, in 2011. The group consists of Chilean electronic musician and vocalist Nicolás Jaar and American multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington. Their second full-length album, Spiral, will be released on July 23 on Matador Records.

Joana Serrat


From the album Hardcore From the Heart

Loose Music

Catalan singer-songwriter Joana Serrat returns with new album Hardcore From the Heart. The sublime lead single “Pictures” illustrates the album’s rich textures and immersive atmospherics. Recorded in Denton, Texas, Serrat teamed up with engineer and producer Ted Young (Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth).

The Backstays


From the album Tributaries


From Canada’s East Coast, The Backstays have a fluid sound honing in on a mesh of psychedelia and post-punk. The new LP Tributaries begins with “Aquarius”: a Rhodes piano and a beat as the song swells to a maximal, dark groove for the times before the record ebbs and flows to a sea of sonic elements.

River Kittens

Coast to Coast

From the EP Soaking Wet

Create Records

The St. Louis-bred duo of Allie Vogler and Mattie Schell sing like angels, but are up to no good in the best way. They harmonize effortlessly and combine honest song writing, whiskey and a sidecar of sass to create something unlike anything out there. Think Americana folk-pop meets kitchy punk-rock.

Regina Bonelli

“I Got to Go”


True Groove Records

With a voice powerful enough to carry across all five boroughs and beyond, Regina Bonelli, the Blues Queen of NYC, unleashes “I Got to Go.” Hardcore, smoldering blues with a Southern shuffle, and guitars that simultaneously read from the ZZ Top and BB King playbooks to mine a whole new groove.

Rob Massard

We Cant Afford the Answers

From the album Thousand River Sun


Rob Massard is a singer-songwriter who displays a combination of prog-rock and folk blended throughout his music. His signature musical stylings define him as a true artist, taking his listeners on a deeply moving and unforgettable journey of faith, hope and inspiration.

Whiskey Basterds

“Mississippi Mud”


Black Tooth Productions

While deeply rooted in Americana music, the Whiskey Basterds are open to exploring wherever the Muses lead them, giving rise to new expressions of their sonic heritage—from folk to funk to blues, rock and beyond.

Marla Mase



True Groove Records

8:30 a.m. or 8:30 p.m.? Maybe both. Does it matter? Marla Mase warps time and space as she distills dark and sparkly French pop like Serge Gainsbourgh chugging wine from a paper bag on a park bench. Post-pandemic, pre-apocalyptic grooves just this side of quirky and that side of fun.

Fred Barreto Group

Living and Loving



Solid rock, raw blues and everything in between best describe Fred Barreto Group’s sound. The new single “Living and Loving” is from their upcoming album that was recorded and produced by Mike Butcher, the man behind albums like Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath) and Midnight Love (Marvin Gaye).

AJ Rosales


From the album Manifestations


AJ Rosales is a Chicago guitarist, composer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. “Progressive Acoustic” loosely describes the sound on his new 12-track album Manifestations, which has garnered critical praise for blending multiple genres and influences into a cohesive and modern sensibility.

Swanskin & the Live Echoes

Mode 4: Pulse to 5 Beats for 6 Steps on Alternating Feet

From the album LoFi Hexes

Pique Audio Visual

Ever think about yourself? Ever think about yourself in other dimensions? Ever think about talking to yourself in another space time continuum? Ever feel alone? Ever feel like there should be more? More than what we have here where no one knows you so you don’t know yourself?



From the album Ronin


Are you tired of the weak, uninspired music that floods the airwaves? Are you done with hearing how “rock is dead, bro?” Well, so are Ronin! They are kickstarting The Rock Revolution! No frills. No smoke and mirrors. Just pure, raw and authentic rock-and-roll!

Reverbnation Contest Winner: Sugar Lime Blue


From the album Narcoluptuous


Sugar Lime Blue has been called a jamband lover’s dream. Combining the sultry lead vocals of Ashley Beth (think Joan Osborne/Stevie Nicks) and psychedelic/blues lead guitar of Dave Beth, the band brings a familiar but unique sound reminiscent of ‘70s-rock titans.

Editor’s Pick: Valerie June
“Why the Bright Stars Glow”
From the album The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers
Fantasy Records

Valerie June’s new album The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers, produced by June and Jack Splash (Kendrick Lamar), weaves a kaleidoscopic sonic tapestry from traditional roots music, modern R&B, Afrobeat rhythms, orchestral string arrangements and experimental pop-infused psychedelia.

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Medusa’s Disco

“Upside Down”


Discult Records

High energy power trio Medusa’s Disco fuses together elements of psychedelic, progressive, and surf rock while merging classic and newer rock influences to create a musical cocktail all of its own. The band is known for engaging live performances and eclectic songwriting.

Mike Montrey Band

“Tell Me You Love Me”

From the album In The Middle of Hope


Mike Montrey Band is the sound where Americana, folk and rock-and-roll come together to be sung by a true singer-songwriter, with blissful harmonies and soaring guitar work. “An eclectic Americana fusion mastermind, whose brilliant and insightful songs seem almost prophetic.” – JW Vibe

Kasey Anderson

Like Teenage Gravity

From the album Let the Bloody Moon Rise

Nervous Kid Records

Kasey Anderson is a Portland-based songwriter whose songs have been covered by Counting Crows, Star Anna, and others. His newest album, Let the Bloody Moon Rise, was produced by Kurt Bloch and sat shelved for 10 years before finally being released April 30, 2021.

Someday River


From the album On Dreaming

Old Familiar Sound

Someday River is known for a multi-genre approach with facets of jam, pop, folk and psychedelia. Their LP, On Dreaming, was released May 2021. “Someday River paint with a palette and canvas of wide expanse…The result is spacious, stately and dreamy… lush, psych-kissed folk rock.” -Bao Le Huu, Orlando Weekly

Silent Neighbor

You Surround Me

From the EP I’m Good, I’m Healthy, I’m Whole


After their 2020 debut album Tired Of Your Smile, Silent Neighbor is back with I’m Good, I’m Healthy, I’m Whole. The unusual “chamber folk” quartet draws on the band members’ diverse musical backgrounds in jazz and classical music to create intelligent yet playful arrangements of lyrical songs.

Payge Turner




Payge Turner is taking the Seattle scene by storm. Her alt rock/soul/progressive vibe is very unique to listen to. Bending and meshing genres isn’t something she’s afraid of. With a sound so bold and rich, Turner still finds a way to make you feel every emotion with her engaging lyrics and melodies.

Child Lion

sunny day”



Child Lion is a Boston-based producer beginning to experiment with bedroom pop. They aim for their productions to be as eclectic and varied as their taste.

Charnett Moffett

“New Love”

From the album New Love

Motema Music

Fretless electric bass master Charnett Moffett and his fearless trio/quartet ensemble deliver a love letter to humanity with the free-world-jazz-fusion album, New Love. This intensely engaging album of instrumental and vocal music swings with fervor and swirls with spiritual, contemplative beauty.


“That’s What I Hear”

From the album Wheels Fall Off

Turtle Down Music

Chicago jam-prog sextet Tautologic continue their third decade of making “perfectly normal music for slightly odd people” with their third album, Wheels Fall Off. Chicago Crowd Surfer says, “Funky and fun loving, Tautologic combines so many genre layers it’s truly mind blowing.”

See Your Shadow Songwriting

“It Starts With Hello”



See Your Shadow (SYS) Songwriting is a music creation entity from Phoenix, Arizona. Their latest single, “It Starts With Hello” kicks off their Summer of Diversity and Inclusion. SYS is run by Artistic Director, Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman who writes and produces all of their work.

Serpents of Paradise




Serpents Of Paradise is a Northeast-based duo. Their music is the product of disparate genres, lived experience and their surroundings. With a sound that is both heavy and hopeful, their art evokes the duality they both strive to practice. Their single “Alibi” is the first in a series of 2021 releases.

Sarah Lorente

“Between Hell and Back”



Sarah Lorente explores new sounds and pushes musical genre boundaries, writing and singing about identity and spirituality, pulling inspiration from artists like Sarah McLachlan, Radiohead and U2.


“Such a Shame”



Laverty is a singer-songwriter from Tampa, Fla. With musical influences such as Bob Dylan, Carole King, Stevie Nicks, and Lorde, Laverty produces a new, unique sound. As a songwriter, Laverty takes the trauma, pain, and recovery she’s been through in her life and expresses it through her songs.

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