St. Paul & The Broken Bones

Sarah A. McCarty on November 22, 2013

A St. Paul & The Broken Bones concert conjures the spirit of a Pentecostal church revival. “I’ve seen people cry, and I’ve seen people just in bliss,” says Paul Janeway, the Southern soul band’s singer. Janeway takes his cues from Al Green, James Brown and Sam Cooke. “All those guys came from the church so it’s really a generic story,” he says. “But I probably learned more from preaching in church than I did from singing.” Onstage in his suit and bowtie, he wails over a booming horn line and works up a sweat—dancing, jumping and dropping to his knees. The band formed two years ago and started getting buzz a few months later, which surprised Janeway. “I had stopped singing for two years and was kind of on my way to adulthood,” he says. He still plans to finish his accounting degree, but quit his job as a bank teller to attend SXSW and finish the group’s debut album, which is due out in February. “Rarely do people get the opportunity to do something they feel they were born to do. This just feels so right.”

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