Watch: Kevin Morby Shares Video for “Bittersweet, TN,” with Erin Rae

September 22, 2022
Watch: Kevin Morby Shares Video for “Bittersweet, TN,” with Erin Rae

Photo by Chantal Anderson

Today, Kevin Morby shared the latest video for a track off his offering, This Is a Photograph. The video for the somber song, titled “Bittersweet, TN,” features Morby duetting with singer-songwriter Erin Rae and follows them as they separately explore the countryside outside Nashville, Tenn.

According to Rolling Stone, despite the calming feel brought on by the rustic landscapes, the filming of the video was chaotic and was interrupted by a shooting scare nearby.

“I generally don’t like making music videos, but I was really enjoying this one,” Morby told Rolling Stone. “Suddenly, though, a helicopter started circling over us…We got word that there had been some sort of school shooting and the shooter was nearby in the woods and we needed to hide…After about a half hour they caught the gunman, the helicopters took off and we were able to resume [filming].”

“Bittersweet, TN” opens with Rae’s handling lead vocals on the first verse; despite her immaculate articulation, the pace of the banjo-driven song covers the tune in a veil of fog. Before long, Morby joins in his contemplation on the Volunteer State and how it’s impacted his understanding of the nature of time and his place in it. The simple chord progression coupled with the subtle haze visually welcomed by the video allows the listener to think about time in relation to themselves and to connections and relationships past.

Morby went on to share with Rolling Stone about the duet with Rae. “[i] also wanted to set the scene for two people who hadn’t seen one another in a long while to have a cheers to time as if they were celebrating an old friend. In writing and recording the song, that is effectively what Erin and I get to do for eternity. Cheers one another, to time.”

Watch the video for “Bittersweet, TN” (feat. Erin Rae) below.