Video: Eddie Vedder Throws Out First Pitch at Wrigley Field

Rob Slater on July 25, 2014

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder conducted the evening’s festivities at Wrigley Field last night as the longtime Cubs fan threw out the first pitch and led the crowd in the famed seventh inning stretch. Decked out on a jersey with “Johnny” on the back in honor of his late uncle John, who he said took him to his first game, Vedder also made time for the Cubs’ broadcast team on WGN before he took to the mic to urge the Cubs to get some runs (Spoiler: They lost 13-3).

The fans also seemed to love having him. This one in particular even has his own customized Vedder jersey with the number ten, of course, in honor of the band’s debut album.

The pitch was one of the more impressive first pitches in recent memory–meaning that it actually got to the plate without bouncing. If this were the 1997 NLCS and Eric Gregg was behind home plate, it would’ve surely been called a strike. Sorry, Braves fans.

Vedder has been hanging out at Wrigley for most of the week, as he also took in a game with Cubs President Theo Epstein and fellow rocker Jack White (who had an awful time) as well. Watch a few clips from last night including the first pitch, interview and Vedder singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

First Pitch and Interview

“Take Me Out to the Ballgame”