Video Premiere: Dan Horne “Blackjack”

December 15, 2020
Video Premiere: Dan Horne “Blackjack”

Photo by McKenna Kane

Aside from his bass duties with Circles Around the Sun and Grateful Shred, Dan Horne has stepped out on his own with The Motorcycle Song EP, which dropped in early October.

Today, Relix is premiering the music video for “Blackjack,” the opening, mind-bending track off the four-song collection.

“The ‘Blackjack’ video is a dream journey into a psychic reading, but also a psychedelic look inside the musician’s psyche,” Horne explains. “My parents were both psychiatrists and people always said, ‘So that’s why you’re so messed up!’ Don’t know if that’s true, but it is kinda like sleeping in a Holiday Inn Express, I’m basically by proximity an amateur expert psychiatrist, wait I mean psychic. Special thanks to Stephanie Pia and Savannah Macias for styling and McKenna Kane for putting the whole video together.”

Stream The Motorcycle Song EP via Spotify here.

Watch the “Blackjack” music video below: