Umphrey’s McGee Release Surprise Album ‘BeSides’

November 9, 2018
Umphrey’s McGee Release Surprise Album ‘BeSides’


Umphrey’s McGee once again surprised fans today with yet another new album, BeSides—their third of 2018 after it’s not us and it’s you (not even counting their annual live release Hall of Fame: Class of 2017 and the remix EP it’s not them).

The new release is made up of mostly demo versions of tracks from the previous two studio albums this year, along with three live cuts of album tracks from the band’s early 2018 and summer tours this year, including an 18-minute “Attachments” from St. Augustine, FL, this past August.

Further explaining the new collection, Umphrey’s McGee write that it’s intended as continuing celebration of their 20th anniversary this year, calling BeSides a “Swiss Army knife for the UM fan” that reveals some of their process with earlier and alternate versions of studio songs. The band also notes that opening track “Interloper” was written by Ryan Stasik, Jake Cinninger and Joel Cummins during a late night in the studio, with usual bassist Stasik on piano and usual guitarist Cinninger on drums and overdubbed guitar. The song originally appeared on 7″ as part of the it’s not us deluxe edition.

Learn more about BeSides here, and listen to the collection below.