Tom Petty’s Family to Pursue Legal Action Against Boston Auction House

May 25, 2023
Tom Petty’s Family to Pursue Legal Action Against Boston Auction House

Photo Credit: Martyn Atkins

The family of late musician Tom Petty has announced their plans to pursue legal action against Boston’s RR Auction house, which has listed a large number of the artist’s personal items up for bid online. In a message to fans and followers dispersed across Petty’s official social media pages, the descendants of the musician urged folks not to purchase these items, which they consider stolen. 

Listed on RR Auction are approximately 40 items, ranging from well-worn white Levi 501s to rare memorabilia like signed records, album displays, concert posters beside t-shirts, hats, boots and other items. According to the RR Auction, they acquired the collection when the bank took possessions, which had been disposed of, after Petty’s first wife, Jane Benyo Petty, lost their Encino, Calif. home to foreclosure in 2015. 

On RR Auction’s website, they offered additional background, stating, “In February 2023, our consignor purchased these items that the bank disregarded.” Despite the auction house’s claim that it acquired the items fairly, the late musician’s family swiftly clapped back with their message, dispelling the legitimacy of provenance. 

Counter to the auction house’s claims; the Petty family wrote, “We believe RR Auction, headquartered in Boston, is offering stolen Tom Petty memorabilia with a completely false provenance inaccurate to fact and in complete denial of clear evidence they have been presented. They will not disclose the cosigner who has provided these items or how they were acquired. But they are clearly stolen, there is no other word for it.”

They added one line before concluding their statement adding, “These items have irreplaceable sentimental and educational value for the family and legacy of Tom Petty and we look forward to their safe return.” Scroll down to view the post via Petty’s official Instagram account.