‘The Relix Audio Hour’ Episode Six: Nels Cline & Carl Broemel, Jay Blakesberg

October 22, 2018
‘The Relix Audio Hour’ Episode Six: Nels Cline & Carl Broemel, Jay Blakesberg


In the newest episode of our podcast The Relix Audio Hour, producer and host Jesse Lauter moderates a conversation between two lead guitarists, Wilco’s Nels Cline and My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel.

The two musicians—who both joined their respective iconic modern-rock bands in 2004, after the groups had already garnered passionate fanbases—discuss how they came to meet up with Wilco and MMJ, along with their first live outings with the bands. Cline and Broemel also talk about their solo careers and recent releases—The Nels Cline 4’s Currents, Constellations and Broemel’s Wished Out—along with the fact that both of their band’s happen to be on hiatus at the moment, offering them more time to focus their attention elsewhere. Other topics of conversation include the roles of lead guitarists in modern music, how they reset when they hit a musical roadblock, (not quite) growing out of collecting vintage guitars and more.

Episode six also features iconic rock photographer Jay Blakesberg discussing an upcoming career retrospective, “Chasing Splintered Sunlight,” which opens at Southport Galleries in Southport, CT, this weekend.

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