Osiris Podcast Spotlight: Introducing ‘Dead To Me’

October 10, 2018
Osiris Podcast Spotlight: Introducing ‘Dead To Me’


The Osiris podcast network recently launched a new offering called Dead To Me, which promises to create “cross-cultural journey through the land of the Dead.”

Hosted by music executive, musician and cultural critic Casey Rae and his friend Eduardo Nunes, Dead To Me explores the many cultural intersections around the music of the Grateful Dead and how the messages that the band was sending out 50 years ago continue to resonate with modern-day listeners.

In episode one, Rae discusses his gradual but thorough transformation into a Deadhead, and Nunes offers insights into his own path to fandom, while visual artist and live music veteran Susan Norton describes how the culture within and around the Dead affected her creative trajectory. Plus, they talk about the fact that iconic writer and mythologian Joseph Campbell was a Deadhead—and why.

In episode two, in a nod to the month of October and upcoming Halloween, the hosts get into the darker side of the Grateful dead—a look at everything from the occult ambience in the early scene to the band’s hair-raising improvisations. Special guest Jason George, a longtime taper and horror buff, talks about Jerry Garcia’s love of the macabre and how the Dead embraced the uncanny. There are also short profiles of academics who conducted mass-ESP experiments at six Dead concerts in 1971.

Check out both episodes now.

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