Elektric Voodoo Shares New Concept Album ‘Telescope’

August 19, 2021
Elektric Voodoo Shares New Concept Album ‘Telescope’

Elektric Voodoo: Luke Henning, Mithcum Yacoub, Matt Bozzone, Ty Kiernan, Travis Klein, Scott Tournet, Bradley Nash (l-r) photo credit: Sean Coyne

Elektric Voodoo is set to release their latest album on August 20. Telescope will be the third offering from the collective that draws together an expansive palette of jazz, classical, Latin reggae, world and New Orleans music. We’ve previously hailed the group’s “ability to cast a hypnotic spell” with this varied approach.

Telescope is a concept album built around the reflections of the main character, who muses on a period of strife. As band leader Scott Tournet explains, “The record is about being jolted into seeing the world from a fresh perspective. It’s also about how you can be doing endless self-analysis but that often the thing you’re looking for lies outside of yourself.”

He notes, “The first 6 songs were initially inspired by my own issues with addiction, anxiety, and depression as well as a search for meaning. That being said, they were also inspired by other people who I know who were struggling with the same issues.”

Beyond this narrative, Tournet adds, “One day I was hitting a wall and I took a break and started watching a show called ’One Strange Rock.’ The first episode told the stories of 5 or 6 different astronauts and the ‘overview effect syndrome.’ Overview effect syndrome can happen when an astronaut looks back at Earth and is blown away by seeing our planet from up above. This had a profound effect on me and the concept of rising up above one’s self and seeing the world from a fresh perspective with more clarity and a wider view inspired me creatively and personally.”

Today we share the premiere stream of the record, which is now available for pre-order.

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