Circus Mind Release Voting Rights Anthem “VOTE” Ahead of Midterm Elections

October 7, 2022
Circus Mind Release Voting Rights Anthem “VOTE” Ahead of Midterm Elections

New York-based rock group and brainchild of singer/songwriter and keyboardist Mark Rechler, Circus Mind, have busted out a new anthem titled “VOTE” to inspire listeners to act upon their most sacred constitutional right. The funk-fueled track comes hot off the heels of their EP Bioluminate and LP Joy Machine but, most importantly, ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

Rechler recruited Mat Godfrey and Matty Fox, Nikki Cassarino and his wife Erin Cassarino to add their powerful vocals and their individual musical inclinations to propel the song’s call to action and inspire listeners to help donate money for the voting rights organization HeadCount.

In conjunction with the release of the song, Rechler and HeadCount have partnered to launch a fundraiser that will last for ten days, starting today, to raise money in support of HeadCount’s mission to register voters. Rechler’s last campaign raised $10,000 for The New Orleans Musicians Clinic.

“I had no intention of writing a song about voting,” said Rechler, “but the muses had different plans. The song literally got written in about two hours, lyrics and music. I stopped a few times to ask myself, ‘Am I writing a voting song right now?’ but I figured I would just let it come out since the music was so good, and I could always rewrite the lyrics. But it seemed just the right amount of fun, funky, cool, and relevant, that I knew it was gonna work.”

He continued to share, “In the end, I am glad I followed through with the track as I love how it came out, and let’s face it, these are turbulent times for democracy.”

Donate to HeadCount and Circus Mind’s voting rights campaign here.

Watch the lyric video below.