Bill Kreuztmann’s Stage-Played Cymbals Up for Auction to Support Musack Charity

May 5, 2017

The current issue of Relix features a photo essay by Donick Cary, the co-founder of Musack on his travels to Cuba in order to donate a guitar to a music school. In that essay, Cary, who is an Emmy-winning writer and producer (The Simpsons, Silicon Valley, Parks and Recreation, Bored to Death, New Girl) describes the creation of Musack, a 501(c)3 charity, which he notes, “provides instruments and supports kids’ music programs, after a rash of teen suicides hit my high school on the island of Nantucket. (Today, Musack is making music happen in Nantucket, Los Angeles, Compton, Haiti and Appalachia.) The idea behind Musack was to give kids a voice through music during those shitty teen years when it feels like no one understands you and you are stuck on a foggy island way out at sea—literally or figuratively.”

Last summer, Cary spent some time with Bill Kreutzmann before a Dead & Company show at Fenway Park, and the drummer signed and donated three stage-played cymbals to the charity. These are now being auctioned to support Musack along with a Musack t-shirt of the same style that Kreutzmann wore on stage later during that tour. A certificate of authenticity is included as well.

The auction is now underway and concludes on Monday afternoon.