After COVID-19 Concert Experiment in Barcelona, No Infections Detected

January 11, 2021
After COVID-19 Concert Experiment in Barcelona, No Infections Detected

Primavera Sound Music Festival 2017

On Dec. 12, Barcelona’s Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases Foundation teamed up with the Primavera Sound Music Festival to see if masked music fans could transmit COVID-19 in an indoor space. Now, researchers have concluded that zero infections have occurred.

“Attending a live music concert staged with a series of security measures that included a negative antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 done on the same day, was not associated with an increase in COVID-19 infections,” reads the final report.

According to Pollstar, 463 music fans attended the experimental event (while an additional 496 acted as a control group) and “A certified N95 cloth mask was given to every participant at the venue entrance. Mask wearing was mandatory during the entire event, but no physical distancing was required in the concert hall, which had a total capacity of 900 people. Singing and dancing was permitted as well.”

“This is not a party, this is a scientific study,” virologist Dr. Boris Revollo told The AP in December, adding that the kind of same-day antigen screenings used for this event, would still have to be combined with face masks and anti-virus restrictions for indoor concerts to return in any capacity.

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