Video Premiere: Eric Hutchinson Celebrates Fatherhood on “My Old Man”

June 19, 2020
Video Premiere: Eric Hutchinson Celebrates Fatherhood on “My Old Man”

To celebrate his upcoming album Class of 98 – as well as the impending Father’s Day holiday – Eric Hutchinson has shared the music video for “My Old Man,” exploring the idea of fatherhood as well as the endless circle of children becoming parents.

“This song is a musical tribute to my late father, Royal Hutchinson,” the Maryland-bred musician says of “My Old Man.” “For me, the idea of my dad’s life before I was born is so abstract. I tried to explore the great cosmic joke, that even though we come from our fathers, are raised by our fathers, and eventually become our fathers, we never truly understand our fathers. For the video, I wanted to tell the life story of not just my father, but of all the dads out there. I asked people to submit videos and photos of their fathers in action, and I was so overwhelmed with the response we got! People sent tons of pictures and movies of their dads, their husbands, their sons, and almost every submission included a lengthy letter about what their father meant to them. I recently became a father myself and I edited together this video for an hour a day, during my own daughter’s naptime.”

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Watch below: