Song Premiere: Scott Metzger, Tony Leone & Jeff Hill “Soundcheck Jam II” from ‘Sounds From the Bardo, Vol. II’

February 3, 2021
Song Premiere: Scott Metzger, Tony Leone & Jeff Hill “Soundcheck Jam II” from ‘Sounds From the Bardo, Vol. II’

Guitarist Scott Metzger, percussionist Tony Leone and bassist Jeff Hill recently collaborated for the upcoming record Sounds From the Bardo, Vol. II. The album is part of spiritual arts collective Psychedelic Sangha‘s “album-based series of immersive journeys into liminal states of consciousness—the bardo.” (Quote via album’s description.)

Metzger, Leone and Hill performed together at Judson Memorial Church in New York City this past November during a group meditation presented by Psychedelic Sangha. The performance marked the trio’s first time performing together, and the music was completely improvised. Today, we are premiering “Soundcheck Jam II,” an improvisation captured on record during the trio’s soundcheck.

“Scott, Jeff and I had never played together as a trio, let alone in a completely improvised context,” Leone told Relix. “But when we walked into Judson, the space and setting just blew us away. Right as we were getting our gear set up and beginning to soundcheck, the crew started running the mics and recording us. So with this soundcheck improvisation, you’re really hearing the very first notes this particular group ever played together. As you can tell from the music, we were inspired from the get go.”

The entire performance will be released as Sounds From the Bardo, Vol. II on Feb. 5 on Bandcamp. According to a press release, “the listener is invited to ‘turn on’ with a short ‘Going Out’ meditation, followed by 60 minutes of mind altering music, before gently returning via a ‘Coming Back; meditation. Included as bonus materials are an instrumental version of the full trio recording, as well as two jams captured during the band’s soundcheck.”

Listen to the new track below, and pre-order the full album here.

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