Your Week in Osiris Music Podcasts: Aqueous Interview, ‘99 Phish, Phemale-Centrics, Ween and More

April 12, 2018

It’s a big week of great music interviews from Osiris. Check out everything they have to offer on their site and follow them on Twitter and Facebook

1. All In With Aqueous features an interview with bassist Evan McPhaden

2. Bluest Tape celebrates the 20th anniversary of Widespread Panic’s Light Fuse, Get Away by taking a crack at creating Vol. 2

3. Burning Ambulance talks with jazz musicians Meg Okura and Sam Newsome

4. Phemale-Centrics is back with more Phish discussion and some listener picks

5. Daily Soundcheck moves into ’93 with a Phish soundtrack from the famous Roxy run in Atlanta and more

6. Beyond the Pond focuses on the “Birds of a Feather” from 7/8/99 and music you might like that draws from that jam’s lineage 

7. God Ween Evan continues the ongoing journey of Evan, who maybe wants to love Ween but just doesn’t yet