Watch Jamiroquai Return to US Television for the First Time in a Decade

April 13, 2018

British electro-funk outfit Jamiroquai returned last year with their first album in seven years, Automaton, and the group is set to play tonight during the first weekend of Coachella, but first they stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden to perform the title track from last year’s record, marking their first appearance on US television in a decade. 

Frontman Jay Kay leads the way, donning his pretty fantastic LED helmet, which contracts and expands with the music, especially with the song’s bursting choruses. The band starts firmly in the “electro” part of their sound but eventually make their way into the deeper “funk” depths, with Jay Kay busting out some robotic dance moves.

Watch below, and catch Jamiroquai on Coachella’s live stream tonight.