Watch Holly Bowling and Tom Hamilton Go All-Out on an Expansive “Eyes of the World”

Matt Inman on January 5, 2018

This past October, pianist Holly Bowling, known for her on-point instrumental interpretations of Phish and Grateful Dead tunes, played a show at Pennsylvania’s Ardmore Music Hall, a performance that featured a special appearance from guitarist Tom Hamilton, who had opened the night with an acoustic set. 

Hamilton, who’s own knowledge of the Dead catalog has grown with his work in Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and shows with Phil Lesh, helped Bowling present an expansive take on Dead classic “Eyes of the World,” and a pro-shot video of the collaboration has just been released (h/t JamBase). In it, Hamilton augments Bowling’s intricate rendition of the song with his own acoustic guitar flourishes for an over 15-minute outing. Both musicians are clearly having a blast playing together, which only adds to the impressive instrumental offering. Here’s hoping we see more of this duo in the future. 

Watch below.