Warren Haynes & Skrillex Talk Grateful Dead

November 22, 2013

Warren Haynes and Skrillex headlined a panel at Billboard’s Touring Conference that discussed the lessons learned from the Grateful Dead. Along with Paradigm Agency’s Jonathan Levine, former Grateful Dead manager Rock Scully, Bay-area promoter Gregg Perloff, Windish Agency rep Sam Hunt and agent Lee Anderson, Haynes and Skrillex dished on all things Grateful Dead and how the band helped shape the touring model many bands still use today.

Skrillex, who explained he grew up in San Francisco and that his parents were Dead fans, said he too regularly employs the Dead’s improvisational ethos. “I don’t just hit play on the space bar and let it play the whole set,” he said, “I mix every song–and I do mess up. I’m changing my set every night and producing new records on the tour bus to test out — so it is very much in the moment.” Haynes credited the Grateful Dead as the inspiration for his band’s “Mule Tracks,” which offers soundboard quality copies of every show.

Other topics discussed included the benefits of in-house ticketing, major labels, mainstream media, and touring models. Watch a clip below.