Video Premiere: SUSTO “Jah Werx”

June 14, 2017

Today we premiere a new video from Charleston-based outfit SUSTO as they unveil their new video for “Jah Werx” from their new album & I’m Fine Today

In a statement, the band expanded on the inspiration of the song, citing the great influence of Bob Marley. They particularly noted that “Jah” is the Rasta word for God and “Jah Works” is Rasta term for “God is good” or “God is working” which led to this song title. “For our song ‘Jah Werx,’ we took this phrase and reinterpreted it in terms of our own reality and understanding of the universe.”

They continued, “It’s a song about community, about being there for one another when it’s needed; but also it’s a song about the cyclical nature of life and existence. So many lifetimes have been lived on this earth, but at the end of each one, a body returns to the ground and rejoins the rest of nature. I think it’s beautiful that we all get to experience that cycle and see the miracle of life on earth.”

Watch below.