Video Premiere: Elijah Ford & The Bloom “Try As You Might”

July 26, 2016

Austin, TX rocker Elijah Ford, son of Black Crowes guitairst Marc Ford, will release his latest effort As You Were as a part of Elijah Ford & The Bloom on September 16. Today, we premiere the video for the lead track from the record, “Try As You Might,” directed by Ben/Dave. 

On the video, Ford says, “It’s amazing to look back on it and know we accomplished it all in one day! The girls were constantly running back & forth to hair and makeup to be ready take after take. We had an incredibly talented crew come together to turn Ben/Dave’s concept into a reality.”

Meanwhile, Dave Thomas adds, “Elijah and Ashley came to us with the idea of doing something around the idea of a ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’-style beauty pageant. Somehow the combination seemed irresistible. Girls. Taffeta. Sequins. Rock & roll. It didn’t make any real sense, but we couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

Watch below and pre-order As You Were here.