Video Premiere: Donovan Woods “Truck Full Of Money” Live at Massey Hall

June 12, 2018

Earlier this year, singer-songwriter Donovan Woods released his latest solo album, Both Ways, and today we premiere the video of his intimate performance of album track “Truck Full Of Money” at Toronto’s historic Massey Hall. 

“‘Truck Full Of Money’ is about touring as a musician and how vulnerable you can feel while you’re doing it,” Woods says of the tune. “And playing it in an empty Massey Hall was a trip, of course. It’s one of those places with an air of importance. I guess they’d say the weight of the history in there is palpable. And that could be right. It also might just be totally haunted.”

Woods’ performance is part of The Massey Hall Ghost Light Sessions and features just him, his voice and his guitar playing in an empty, cavernous Massey Hall, one of the most prestigious venues and an official National Historic Site in Canada. 

Watch the performance below.