Video Premiere: Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes “Catapult”

January 18, 2018

Although Nashville synth-rock quartet Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes is well-established as a spirited live act, the group also has crafted a series of rich, nuanced studio recordings. The band’s latest effort is the EP Chapter One, which will be released this Friday, January 19 and will be followed by Chapter Two later this spring and then a full-length, Fashion, this summer. Today we premiere “Catapult” from Chapter One

Ellsworth, tells Relix, “’Catapult’ is a song about loving someone for their flaws, not in spite of them. It’s about opposites attracting. It’s someone saying “I’m a little crazy. You’re a little crazy. Maybe we should be crazy together.” When you find someone you really love, it’s automatic. You love them through all the bullshit no matter what. I think there’s a beautiful vulnerability in that. It’s one of my favorite songs on the new record. I’m particularly proud of the arrangement we came up with. I love the way all the instruments play off each other and I love all the sounds we were able to dial in in the studio. I especially love Marshall’s bass line. He always writes great bass lines, but this might be my all-time favorite of his.”

“The music video features my wife and I dancing like weirdos almost the whole time, sprinkled in with some band couch hangs on the couch inside my actual bedroom. Spontaneous dance parties are a common occurrence in our house. It’s basically just re-creating what happens in our life at some point every day. I’m not saying we regularly choreograph dance moves together, but we also don’t NOT do that… Anyways, if you aren’t having spontaneous weirdo dance parties with your loved ones, I highly recommend them. The music video was shot and edited by Kyle Andrews, who also produced and recorded our new album. He can literally do everything. Kyle is a creative powerhouse. It was a blast to get together with him and just really go for it in this video.”