Today in 1995, Phish Played the Best “Stash” Ever

Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta on November 14, 2017

1995 was a hell of a year for Phish, and Fall ‘95, in particular, found the band at a career high. From October to mid-December, the band played 54 shows coast-to-coast, a massive outing by any standard. In a tour full of highlights, including a full performance of The Who’s Quadrophenia for Halloween (their second costume set ever) and must-hear shows like 12/14/95 (which would later be tapped as the first Live Phish release), the band found new, exciting avenues for their jams, catapulting them toward national recognition.

Midway through tour, during a stop at Central Florida University, Phish busted out an extended “Stash” for the history books. After opening the second set with a high-energy “Maze” followed by a “Gumbo,” the band kicked into this 39 minute mega-jam, teasing Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4,” their longtime cover “Ya Mar” and their own “Esther” as well as weaving in full iterations of “Manteca” and “Dog Faced Boy.” As their upcoming New Year’s run looms on the horizon, enjoy this preeminent jam on it’s 22nd birthday.