Take a Trip Through the Notebook That Steve Vai Used to Teach Dweezil Zappa Guitar

Matt Inman on January 19, 2018

It’s not an uncommon thing for a father to ask a friend of his to teach his son a thing or two, especially if that friend is especially skilled at something, but that situation takes on a very uncommon flair when it’s Frank Zappa asking his bandmate and guitar legend Steve Vai to impart some knowledge to Zappa’s son Dweezil. Now, the younger Zappa has uncovered some insight into those lessons that took place over three decades ago. 

A video, filmed this week and shared yesterday by Dweezil, shows him and Vai in Vai’s kitchen going through a notebook of guitar lessons Vai used to teach Dweezil back in 1982 (when Dweezil was around 12), complete with impressively neat charts, notes (like “beat the shit out of your vibrato bar”), practice “exorcises,” chords to “Stairway to Heaven” and more. “There is guitar gold in here, ladies and gentlemen,” Dweezil announces. 

“I remember Frank saying, ‘Can you show Dweezil a couple of things?'” Vai recalls “And – I tell this in all the interviews – when you first played, I was like, ‘Oh no, he can’t play at all!”

The two old friends take a quick trip down memory lane with the notebook, talking about how both of them learned from the experience, and Vai even notes that he has a similar notebook given to him from Joe Satriani when he was around 12 years old as well. The video also features a silly “movie-trailer” intro, which claims help from Martin Scorsese, Kanye West, The Universe and more. Because Dweezil is a goofy guy, presumably.

Watch below (h/t JamBase).