Song Premiere: Spaceface “In the Clouds” (and Full Album Preview)

April 17, 2017

The Flaming Lips’ Jake Ingalls’ Spaceface project will return with Sun Kids and today we are excited to premiere a new song “In the Clouds” as well as a special VR album preview built by Lionel Williams of Vinyl Williams. 

On the preview, Williams said, “Celestial Street View is like Google Street View in another dimension. Each area contains samples from each song on the Spaceface record, which users can remix in the stereo field by looking around the 360º spaces.”

Ingalls expanded on that, saying the idea for the preview came about after a visit with Williams. “While we were talking, he showed me this trick he’s discovered that I’m not sure I’d seen anyone else do: he started geographically mapping audio from the track into this 3 dimensional world. Meaning, as you look left and see the ocean, the shakers and harp get louder and when you look right at some mystic statue, the tape delay and kick drum get louder – this worked like surround sound though – so you could look up and down, behind you and in front of you and it would sound different.”

“In the Clouds” 

Spaceface Sun Kids Album Preview