Song Premiere: RAEVER “Early Morning Sky”

May 18, 2018

RAEVER is the debut solo project from New York-based multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Randy Schrager, who has played drums for fellow NYC acts Scissor Sisters, Jesse Malin and more. Today, we premiere the first single from the project, “Early Morning Sky.”

“I wrote this song from a place of experience,” explains Schrager. “Up until recently, I was someone who really wasn’t living life in complete alignment with who I truly was. I often suffered from anxiety and depression due to crippling critical self observation and self doubt. I didn’t know what was missing from my life until I found it, and that was love. Self love to be exact. And it affected all aspects of my life. As soon as I freed myself from the grip of egoism my entire life changed. Psychotherapy helped to get me there, but then so did magic mushrooms. And had it not been for those experiences I may have never felt the time was right to take the leap and put out some music of my own. It’s the beginning of a new musical journey that I hope will co-exist alongside my work with other artists.”

The single, which discusses the topic of ego death, something typically associated with a psychedelic trip, was written and produced by Schrager and features him on a variety of instruments, along with Jeff Berner on bass and acoustic guitar.