Song Premiere: People’s Blues of Richmond “All The Things (I Couldn’t Say To You)”

April 25, 2016

The new studio album from People’s Blues of Richmond will be available on June 10. The blues-psych power trio recorded  with Ricky Olson at The Ward in Richmond, naming the record Quit or Die  after a firece proggy psych-punk track on the forthcoming release. Today we premiere “All The Things (I Couldn’t Say To You).”  PBR guitarist/vocalist Tim Beavers tells Relix, ‘”All the Things I Couldn’t Say to You’ is about a guy who’s going crazy from over thinking everything. He hangs on every word from the woman he’s in love with and he holds back his thoughts and feelings because he doesn’t want to blow it. For all his care and concern he is only met with rejection which confuses and frustrates him further. He finally realizes in the last verse that she just wants him to be himself. (‘You said, “Say what you wanna say, do what you wanna do, how could anybody be so silly and blue?” Have I created these walls? Have I the tools to break through all the things I couldn’t say to you?’)”