Song Premiere: Trigger Hippy “Strung Out On The Pain”

September 5, 2019
Song Premiere: Trigger Hippy “Strung Out On The Pain”

photo by Scott Wills

Trigger Hippy returned with their first shows in four years year this summer, and the band will release their new studio album, Full Circle & Then Some, on Oct. 11, the group’s first release with a new lineup consisting of founding members Steve Gorman (drums)—who also co-founded The Black Crowes—and Nick Govrick (bass), along with guitarist/vocalist Ed Jurdi of Band of Heathens and singer/saxophonist Amber Woodhouse. Today, we premiere a new track from the upcoming effort, “Strung Out On The Pain.”

“The tune came about with the guitar thing at the top of the song,” Govrick tells Relix about the song, a yearning, country-tinged endeavor lined with rich, emotional harmonies. “I played it over and over and I was singing three days and three nights…you know, I’ve discovered that is the length of most substantial domestic spats. Human nature dictates that—the mind tells the heart, ‘I give up; I’m exhausted.’ Conflict is unhealthy, but so are a lot things we do, but we just keep doing them. People love drugs, people love each other… You can become strung out on both, and each give you joy and pain.”

The bassist also comments on the specific contributions of Trigger Hippy’s newest additions to the recording: “Amber and Ed sing it beautifully. The track just came together—no fuss, no muss. It’s a pleasure to have them in the band, and we all work really easily together—not a lot of senseless chatter about how this or that should be…it just be.”

Listen to “Strung Out On The Pain” below, and pre-order Full Circle & Then Some here.