Song Premiere: Greyhounds “Stay Here Tonight”

May 28, 2020
Song Premiere: Greyhounds “Stay Here Tonight”

Photo by Steve Acalla

In anticipation of their new album Primates (out July 10 via Nine Mile Records) – and in celebration of their 20th year onstage – Austin, Tx. duo Greyhounds are sharing a brand new track, the smooth and smoky “Stay Here Tonight.” Anthony Farrell & Andrew Trube

“‘Stay Here Tonight’ was written by our good friend Dante [Chavez Vela],” recalls guitarist Andrew Trube. “We were hanging out one night and he told [my bandmate] Anthony [Farrell] and I that he had a tune that only we could do. He said ‘It has that Greyhounds thing about it.’ So Anthony and I literally went into the studio the next day and recorded the song. We immediately connected with the tune outta the gate. The rhythm, melody, and lyrics that i think we can all relate to, ‘you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here tonight.’ I know I’ve heard that, and said that.”

Adds the aforementioned songwriter Vela, “I’ve been a fan of Greyhounds since they released Accumalator. They always seem have an ability to groove while taking musical directions that never seem obvious or predictable. They are constantly surprising and challenging their audience… Anthony and Andrew know how to flow and give the melody swagger. ‘Stay Here Tonight’ is about the challenge of resisting our worst impulses. There is room for hope in every struggle, if we take it one day at a time.”

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Listen below: