Somehow, Snoop Dogg Got Roped Into Donald Trump’s Early Morning Twitter Vomit

March 15, 2017

Every morning as you rise to go to start your day, you can count on a couple of things: That undying desire to just stay in bed all day and a fresh, steaming pile of tweets from the 45th President. 

Today, that took a decidedly musical turn as Donald Trump went after the one and only Snoop Dogg this morning (because is what the focus should be at this point) after Snoop portrayed Trump as a clown in his latest music video for “Lavender.” In the video, Snoop aims a gun at the person dressed as the President (the whole video centers around a series of clowns) and pulls the trigger. That made it into his daily State of the Union surely given from his morning meeting with the toilet. 

Watch the video below.