See Fare Thee Well Santa Clara Through the Wonderful Eyes of Bill Walton

Rob Slater on June 29, 2015

Thousands descended on Santa Clara, CA’s Levi’s Stadium this weekend for the start of the Fare Thee Well celebration, but none more notable (and taller) than NBA Hall of Famer and noted Deadhead extraordinaire Bill Walton. Accompanied by his son Luke (who just won a championship as an assistant with the Golden State Warriors) and other friends and family, Walton documented his time in Santa Clara through his Twitter account, sharing images with the various band members as well as his thoughts on the show.

If you watched the webcast, you surely caught Walton’s nearly seven foot-tall frame in the shot, often giving the love right back to the cameraman and the people watching at home. Walton’s smile and expression throughout was infectious and certainly added to the overall vibe of the night. Now that the dust has settled, at least from the first two shows, let’s experience Fare Thee Well through the eyes of a man seeing his 855th and 856th Grateful Dead shows. 

As a reminder, follow Walton on Twitter for more musings on the Dead (and basketball, if that’s your thing) as he travels to Chicago this week.