Osiris Podcast Spotlight: Tom Constanten, Jazz Is Phish, Sam Holt on Widespread Panic’s ‘Knoxville 1995’ and More

August 2, 2018

This week’s spotlight from the Osiris podcast network covers Tom Marshall’s “other” podcast, chatting with former Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten, a Jazz is Phish interview from High Sierra Music Festival and the first of two Bluest Tape episodes with Sam Holt, former guitar tech (touring guitarist) for Widespread Panic.

—Did you know Phish lyricist Tom Marshall has a podcast about the cannabis legalization effort in New Jersey? In episode 8 of State of the Garden, Tom interviews Eric Calhoun, a longtime Humboldt County, California marijuana grower who discusses the challenges that legalization presents to farmers, and stuns us with amazing history, culture and science in the process.

—Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten has been on the road long enough to appreciate when things go right. In music-filled episode 24 of Brokedown Podcast, Jonathan Hart interviews him about his band Live Dead ‘69. He also squeezes in a discussion with Will Soll, the multi-talented instrumentalist, singer and musical dreamscape weaver behind Prana Crafter.

—In episode 53 of No Simple Road, the High Sierra high times continue as the crew interviews Jazz is Phish. Stoner tapestries are woven: A musical eardrum massage. The best eye-contact ever. Artfully unpacking and reassembling the music of Phish. Music as a language where others finish your sentences onstage. This podcast hilariously and intelligently distills music and conversation into a hit of pot smoke, lovingly blown into your brain through your earbuds.

The Bluest Tape is a dream for Widespread Panic fans. Hosts Harvey Couch and Jeff Kollath analyze beautiful vintage Panic with every episode. A special surprise occurs in episode 66 when Sam Holt is interviewed. Part 1 of two episodes introduces us to Sam, who started as a taper, became a guitar tech then even briefly joined the band as guitarist! Sam guides us through a stunning 1995 show from Knoxville in addition to other music. We can’t wait for part 2.

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