New Miami Dolphins Coach Dan Campbell was Nicknamed Dan-tallica Due to His Love of Metallica

Rob Slater on October 22, 2015

If you’re a Metallica fan, you need to meet new Miami Dolphins head coach Dan Campbell. The 39-year old is, in fact, a bigger Metallica fan than you and is planning to recruit 52 Miami Dolphins players to the army as well. Today in practice, Campbell surprised the players with these new black jerseys inspired by the rock band. It’s also important to note that Campbell earned the nickname Dan-tallica due to his intense fandom of the group. 

Here’s Campbell’s reaction to finding out that punter Shane Lechler once had dinner with James Hetfield. “That makes me mad,” he said. “And now I am going to find a way to get to James Hetfield and tell him that he got to meet Shane Lechler and he’s not even a fan of you guys. But I can sure see Lechler, he was hob-knobbing it with him, he was just loving life.”

And on a conference call today where Campbell should’ve been discussing this Sunday’s matchup with the 2-4 Houston Texans, he opted for another subject.