MSNBC Bid Farewell to Chris Christie with an Avalanche of Grateful Dead Lyrics

November 8, 2017

This time it was not Katy Tur and Jake Sherman trading Phish references on MSNBC but rather Ari Melber, who got into the Grateful Dead spirit with a “Truckin'” themed goodbye to New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who lost his position yesterday. 

Melber started out the essay highlighting many of Christie’s infamous missteps and public embarrassments with the classic “long strange trip” lyric and doubled down with references to “busted on Bourbon Street” and then another line from the song before reciting the entire “long strange trip” refrain. Out of all of the times Grateful Dead/Phish references don’t seem to fit the narrative of the conversation, this was a nice thematic tie-in to the trials and tribulations of Christie’s stay as governor.

Watch below.