John Mayer: “I’ve never been more free on stage than with Dead & Company”

November 18, 2016

In previewing his new single “Love on the Weekend,” John Mayer fielded some questions including how his recent playing with Dead & Company would influence his new batch of solo songs and subsequent live shows. 

“I think it’s when I play live, you’re going to see a lot of that ethic come into play,” Mayer admitted, saying that he still had a “universal” songwriting method to himself. “My experience with Dead & Company is some of the best live experiences I’ve ever had on stage because in the way the crowd interacts with the band and vice versa,” he explained. “And the way in which taking the stage is not so much a star-based experience and more a communal thing with the music.” 

Mayer vowed to bring that feeling to his yet-to-be-announced tour, adding, “I’ve never been more free on stage than with Dead & Company.”

Watch Mayer’s full Q&A below, with the Dead & Company portion beginning around the two-minute mark.